How to keep our lungs clean

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Friday June 14th, 2019
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In order to understand the importance of knowing how to breathe and how to adapt our breathing to each situation, we must first explain what breathing entails and how it influences our body.

Breathing is much more than bringing oxygen to the lungs and eliminating carbon dioxide. With each inhalation we oxygenate every cell of our body, the exhalation helps the lymphatic system and detoxify the body.

The practice of aerobic exercises is fundamental to strengthen the lungs. A good breathing practice is the key to get a good oxygenation in the whole body, a good oxygenation impacts directly on our appearance, physical condition and mood.


Some treatments that we recommend :


  • Lung Detox Nebulization: Bronchial spray treatment with N-acetylcysteine, oxygen and ipratropium for smokers who suffer from chronic bronchitis, emphysema or other respiratory tract conditions.


  • Pranayama techniques: Pranayama techniques sessions are ideal to help cleanse and strengthen the lungs. They teach us to breathe, to have control over our breathing and this influences to have a better control over our emotions.
  • Meditation: Through its practice, a state of balance and peace of mind is achieved, which allows us to recharge our energy and promote the maintenance of physical and emotional well-being.
  • SHA Psammo Therapy: SHA Psammo therapy (hot sand therapy) is a healing technique used in ancient Egypt as a medical treatment to relieve muscle pain, amations, body detoxification and stress. An incomparable experience that combines techniques such as relaxing massage with quartz compresses, sound healing and the magic touch of our SHA specialists.

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