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How to fight fear of flying

For SHA Wellness Clinic
Tuesday November 17th, 2015
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Despite of being the safest mean of transport nowadays, there are still many people who suffer terrible stress to the fact of flying the skies on a plane. It’s sometimes due to fears and others due to health side effects that a flight may cause. From SHA magazine we’d like to help those people to fight fear of flying.  

Where does this fear come from?

In most cases it comes from the total and absolute ignorance of how the aircraft works; although a bad experience or a memory of collisions in films or the news can also cause this stress.
Often a fear, such as riding an airplane, can hide a deeper real fear.

So how can the fear of flying be fought?  

1. Learn to relax

The main thing is to find out where this fear comes from and learn to manage stress and anxieties. There are various methods such as yoga or meditation that you should try to find out which works better for you and start implementing a few days before the trip.

It is also very useful to visualise the day of the flight to fight fear of flying. Visualize yourself at the airport waiting at the gate, boarding, reading on the plane during the flight…

2. Adequate Food

Eating and drinking too much can be very harmful; it can make you feel heavy or even dizzy and nauseous during the flight. It is much more advisable to have a light and healthy meal, with soothing and satisfying foods.

A glass of wine or a beer can help you relax, but too much alcohol can make you have negative thoughts, sometimes difficult to control. It is recommended not to take any further stimulating drinks before boarding the plane, but to replace them with highly hydrating beverages such as natural fruit juices.

Being hydrated (the right way) is essential before and during the flight as hydration decreases the levels of adrenaline and keeps the nervous system in check.

3. Extra Help

You can also try some natural supplements that help you relax like valerian, passionflower (which will help you sleep) or linden blossom tea.

4. Take your time

Make your journey begin at the airport and turn it into a positive experience. Go early (thus avoiding further stress) and seek distractions to help you stop thinking about the flight.
At Esenza by SHA we have a wide range of food and beverages, beauty and treatment services that will certainly help you relax, feel better about yourself and fight fear of flying.
You can find us at Adolfo Suarez Madrid Barajas Airport, both in Terminal 4 and Terminal 4S. We’ll help you enjoy travelling for once!


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