How to Eat Healthy at Work

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Tuesday September 16th, 2014
Healthy nutrition

5 tips for healthy eating at the office

Heavy workload, stress, family, chores or fatigue are many excuses we use for not adequately preparing the food to bring at work. Do not spend enough time preparing our food for the office and not dedicate the time needed to eat are very common mistakes we should start to solve in order to improve our health, our nutrition, vitality and mood.

The healthy eating experts recommend us to choose the ingredients for the meals carefully and the quantities and composition of our weekly menus for work, to learn how to eat in the office without microwave and how to choose a healthy diet which in turn provide us with the enough energy to perform better at work.

como comer omer sano en el trabajo

5 tips for eat healthy at work:

1 Plan your weekly diet for office, do not fall into improvisation. Sunday afternoons are the ideal moment in the week to start. Make sure you have in the fridge fresh fruits and vegetables and avoid buying precooked, frozen and with many additives dishes.

2 If you think there may be times of day in which you’ll need to eat between meals for emergency but  you want to follow a balanced diet in the office, keep always in your desk non-perishable food as nuts or whole grain cereal crackers for extra energy .

3 Avoid any product from vending machines (coffee, chocolate, sugary drinks, …) or lunch out of the office with bakery products; they have fat are not good for health.

4 Hydrate yourself drinking enough water (at least 8 glasses of water during the day), remember to go to the toilet frequently and get up from the chair at least every hour to stretch your legs and facilitate circulation.

5 Take time when eating (at least 1 hour), it’s good to relax your body and mind. Eat seated and relaxed and enjoy the company of colleagues. Do not forget the importance of chewing all food well.


If you want to know more about what changes to make in your day to day to live healthier, check out our Infographic on easy tricks for healthy living

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Healthy nutrition

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