How should we take care of our skin during the lockdown? 5 tips

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Thursday April 23rd, 2020
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It is possible to keep your skin radiant while you are at home. We just have to generate a few healthy habits, find useful routines, have some discipline, and follow specific advice offered by Traditional Chinese Medicine.

We offer you five tips to take care of your skin during the lockdown and take advantage of the fact that at home, your skin does not suffer from aggressions such as pollution, UVA rays, or make-up.


Breathing: hydration and energy through the lungs

What you see through our skin is a reflection of the health we have. And believe it or not, breathing directly influences skin health: the lungs provide a mixture of fluids that offer hydration and regulate both pores and sweat.

So, it is essential to take long, slow, and deep breaths properly. Then, when we breathe out, we discard everything we no longer need. Relaxation breathing techniques can be beneficial in our task of oxygenating the skin.

And a tip you can do these days: clean closets, garages, and storage rooms: because an effortless way to stimulate the lungs is to get rid of all those things you no longer need.


Diet and food: try a vegetarian diet

For decades, many common dermatological conditions were thought to be unrelated to diet. However, studies in recent years have made it clear that diet can influence the outcome.

“In some cases, dietary interventions can influence the course of skin disease, as in acne. In others, change in diet may serve as an aspect of prevention, as in skin cancer and skin aging,” summarized a recent review published in The Journal of Clinical and Aesthetic Dermatology.

The truth is that chronic dermatological problems are made worse by eating foods that cause inflammation in the body. For this reason, it is essential to reduce or avoid these types of products, which include sugar, refined carbohydrates, dairy, gluten, flour, processed foods, or saturated fats.

To reduce inflammation levels, the best bet is a healthy, vegetarian diet that includes whole grains, legumes, green tea, red fruits, green leafy vegetables, miso, pickles, etc.


The revitalizing power of water

Water plays an essential role in the hydration of our body and, of course, of our skin. What happens is that in these times of confinement we think that by spending less energy we should consume little water. That is a mistake.

It is essential to move, to activate, and to exercise. In this way, and among many other benefits, we will “force” ourselves to drink water. Remember that liquids such as juices, black tea, coffee, and, of course, refreshing and sugary drinks are not suitable for hydration. There is nothing better than water, and you can add lemon, cucumber, or lime slices for a more refreshing taste.


Sleep, a night-time fixer

It’s one of the most underrated aspects of our lives. Sleeping well helps regenerate cells, strengthen our immune system and, of course, make our skin smoother.

A good night’s sleep is vital in our quest to improve the health of our skin since night is the best time to moisturize, repair, and rejuvenate the skin. Poor sleep dehydrates and ages the skin. When we are rested, we face the day with more vitality, and we tend to make better decisions: eat better, move more, pay more attention to health.

A study published in the scientific journal Clinical and Experimental Dermathology summarized that “chronic poor sleep quality is associated with increased indicators associated with aging, decreased skin protection, and less satisfaction with the appearance we display.”


Natural oil as a regenerator

During the lockdown, it is essential to generate routines. And not just daily, but nightly as well. This will allow your skin to regenerate more effectively while you sleep. To help with this important task, try this: apply a regenerating oil after cleansing your face.

Preferably, use a natural oil, such as musk oil, argan, coconut, jojoba, or avocado. All of them are very good for the skin and are completely natural.


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