Herbal teas to eliminate excess liquid and fat

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Thursday July 28th, 2016
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In summer, we tend to accumulate excess liquids in our body due to the heat and it is also when we should be hydrating the most. Not everyone is the biggest fan of drinking plain water and as a result, doesn’t hydrate enough. That’s why, we’ve created several recipes for you to try that’ll not only keep you hydrated, but will also cleanse your liver and get rid of excess liquid and fat. How, you ask? Drink herbal teas!

Whilst we don’t associate drinking herbal teas with hot weather, they actually can be the perfect drink to consume in summer. If you’re looking for a refreshing drink, simply combine the tea with some ice. Turning it into an iced tea, will give you that cooling and hydrating effect you’re looking for.


Herbal Tea Recipes:


  • Green Tea: Combine the tea with some lemon drops and fresh mint leaves. Not only will these give a cooling taste, they are also full of benefits. They have the capacity to eliminate fat that has been deposited in the liver, promote healthy blood function and reduce high cholesterol levels.


  • Barley Tea has the effect of dissolving animal fat in the body. You first need to toast the grains in a pan, then add water and boil for 15 minutes at a low heat.


  • Daikon Tea is especially indicated to eliminate excess liquid retention and fat. Grate ½ a cup of daikon and squeeze the juice of this radish. Add ½ a cup of hot water, bring to boil and then let it cool down to drink to room temperature.


  • Shiitake Infusion: Let a dry shiitake fungus sit in water prior to making the tea. Once it’s finished soaking in water, cut in quarters, and boil in water at low heat for 15 minutes. Like the other teas, this infusion helps the body eliminate liquid retention and fat.


All these herbal teas are great to have in the morning to start your day by cleansing your body and get rid of excess liquid and fat. Drink them regularly, and you’ll notice the positive effects in your body in no time!


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