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Healthy travelling habits

For SHA Wellness Clinic
Thursday March 31st, 2016
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The number of plane travels has increased significantly over the past years. It is absolutely normal to take a plane for working reasons or to go on vacation, despite the consequences that flying has for health (and that we are not always aware of). Not to mention the stress generated by the preparations, the suitcases, controls at the airport and the journey itself. For all these reasons, the preferences and needs of travellers are changing, looking for healthy travelling habits to help them find balance.

Esenza by SHA was created a year ago now with this exact purpose at Madrid Airport and increases now its range of healthy products  and wellness services with an original initiative that provides numerous benefits for passengers. The aim of this idea is to encourage healthy travelling habits through free yoga, stretching and Tai Chi lessons, among other activities.



Which benefits do they have for the travellers?

Yoga/stretching: the goal is to improve the state of body and mind through muscle stretching, joint mobilizations, very basic asanas and guided meditation. The body gets ready to endure the long hours on a plane, and the mind is harmonized to maintain a state of serenity, calm and emotional wellbeing.

Tai chi: it is a combination of simple movements in harmony with the body, consciousness and breathing for attaining a state of relaxation and calm, helping to relieve back pain and providing the energy you need for travel hours. Tai Chi helps unlock the joints favouring greater comfort during the flight.

Esenza by SHA offers a tea after the lessons to complete the wellness activity. These teas have medicinal properties, being an excellent tonic to favour digestion and keep the relaxation state.

What do you think about this initiative? Would you dare to join these activities at the Airport? We’d love to know your opinion!



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