consejos de salud para las altas temperaturas

Healthy tips to fight high temperatures

For SHA Wellness Clinic
Monday July 13th, 2015
Healthy nutrition

Given the high temperatures we are suffering this summer it is important to protect the skin after and before sun exposure and crucial to moisturize the body from the inside, eating a balanced diet based on a healthy and natural foods because it’s the best way to ensure that our body gets all nutrients to work properly.

Take note of these healthy tips against high temperatures: 

  • Hydration  – In summer more than ever, it’s important to increase water and liquids intake with juices or infusions in order to maintain the appropriate levels of hydration.
  • Cool off – A good option to keep the body temperature cool is to combine cold and mild water. In addition to improving blood circulation, it relieves skin after sun exposure providing a calming effect.
  • Use lotions to relieve your skin – Use lotions rich in aloe and rosehip for its healing and regenerative properties. Aloe is one of the best skin allies. It absorbs almost 90% of  sun radiations that cause sunburns.

healthy tips agains high temperatures


  • Natural remediesSage, due to its anti-inflammatory and astringent power, relieves the body skin preventing sunburn and blisters. You can consume it in infusions or mix it with apple vinegar and apply in sunburns through water cloths.
  • Foods against heat – Incorporate foods rich in vitamins and minerals to keep the appropriate body temperature level. We present some foods that will help you to counteract sun exposure.

Green leaf vegetables (spinach, broccoli, cucumber) and colored (carrot, pumpkin, beet) are perfect due to its high content in beta-carotene. They are powerful antioxidants that stimulate the production of collagen, restoring the skin. They are also a source of vitamins and minerals that help avoid fluid retention.

It’s recommended to eat them raw in salads, juices or combining them with cereals and fruits to get all its nutrients. You can try a great variety of these smoothies and vegetables at Esenza by SHA, that apart from being delicious, help detoxify, keep the energy and rebalance the organism.



Fresh fruits will help you keep a high level of hydration due to its high content in vitamins and A and C antioxidants which will keep your skin’s health and radiance. Watermelon, melon and peach are fruits with moisturising agents because the major part of its weight is water (95%).  Furthermore they will help you detoxify your body and control appetite.



Ginger is the perfect food to fight against sun effects because it’s a powerful antioxidant and due to its high level of vitmin C. In addition, it’s good to eliminate cellulite due to its anti-inflammatory power.


Shiitake Mushroom

In addition to its culinary properties, shiitake mushroom is a dehydrated mushroom with innumerable medicinal properties, which reinforces and regenerates body defenses. It helps improve the liver functioning and protects the immune system. It improves blood circulation and helps eliminate accumulated fat and liquids.


You can now enjoy a healthy summer, no matter how hot it is!

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Healthy nutrition

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