Healthy Recipes: Tuna tataki with mushrooms risotto
Healthy Recipes: Tuna tataki with mushrooms risotto

Healthy Recipes: Tuna tataki with mushrooms risotto

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Thursday November 14th, 2013
Healthy nutrition

Healthy tuna recipe

Today we share one of the most successful recipes of Shamadi Restaurant. It is a healthy and tasty recipe that fits perfectly in special menus like Christmas o New Year’s Eve

Tuna benefits

Tuna is an oily fish high in protein and Omega 3 which, although we should not take it too often because is high in mercury, we can occasionally add it to our diet because it gives very good results in special occasions. It also has a high calcium content and provides important vitamins like Vitamin A or Vitamin D.

Moreover, it has been demonstrated that tuna is a fish that helps absorb body fat so it is very useful in helping you lose weight.

What is tuna tataki?

The tataki (also called tosa-mi) is a Japanese traditional way of preparing fish and consists of cutting the fish into pieces of considerable thickness to mark it on all four sides in a hot plate, leaving it practically raw inside. Sometimes, to prepare tataki fish can be marinated previously (for example, using a mixture of vinegar with a little ground ginger).

mushrooms risotto recipe

Tuna tataki recipe with mushroom risotto and mirim reduction

The tuna tataki is the signature dish of many restaurants and must be served fresh, right out of the plate, so that it keeps its flavor and texture.

It can be accompanied with many side dishes like vegetables or legumes but combines especially well with a risotto to taste. Today we propose the mushroom risotto but soon we will share other options such as pumpkin risotto.

Ingredients (for 4 or 5 serving approximately)
  • 200g mixed mushrooms
  • 250g brown rice
  • 100 ml of soy cream
  • 1 teaspoon of saffron
  • Mushrooms water as needed (if not available, normal water can be used)
  • 50 ml of organic olive oil
  • 100 ml of mirim
  • 5g of rice syrup
  • 25g chives
  • 25g chervil
Way of preparation

1. For the tuna tataki, we take the skin and nerves out of the tuna. We portion the fillet in strip of a square diameter and reserve until the end to mark it on the heat on each of the sides.

2. For the mushrooms risotto: the rice, previously boiled for 30 minutes, is placed in the saucepan with the mushrooms already cooked, the cream, the saffron and the mushroom water. Let it cook until the flavors mix and the texture becomes the one of the rissotto.

3. For the mirim reduction, place in a souté the mirim along with the rice syrup on the heat until acquires the adequate texture and the syrup crystallizes.

4. Presentation of the dish: first serve the mushroom risotto, place some pieces of tuna tataki hot off the heat on top and garnish it with mirin syrup.

We hope you like it!

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