Healthy recipes: Tiramisu mille-feuille with red fruits salad

For SHA Wellness Clinic
Saturday October 11th, 2014

Fruit dessert: Tiramisu mille-feuille with red fruits salad

Despite what is commonly thought, desserts can be healthy and delicious at the same time and, undoubtedly, this delicious tiramisu mille-feuille with red fruits salad from the SHAMADI‘s  restaurant is the best example to prove it.

Postre saludable de Tiramisú y Frutos Rojos
Tiramisu Mille-Feuille with Red Fruits Salad SHA Wellness Clinic


Ingredients for the pastry:
  • 1 layer of Pastry: Besides its exquisite flavour, the pastry can give us a lot of minerals such as iron and potassium.
Ingredients for the Tiramisu:
  • 640 ml. of Oat Milk: One of the most used cereals due to its large diuretic properties and its interesting skin care benefits.
  • 450 grs. of Rice Molasses: One of the most beneficial natural sweeteners, as it helps in the treatment of constipation and it is really helpful to end with the stiffs in athletes.
  • 100 grs. of white Almonds Paste: Helps in the prevention of cardiovascular diseases and it is really beneficial due to the large amount of proteins that can provide to the organism.
  • 25 grs. of Agar-Agar: A great regulator of the intestinal transit, highly recommended in slimming diets.
  • 1 u. of Vanilla: It stands for stimulating and protecting the digestive tract and it can be very effective for the treatment of rheumatic diseases.
  • 500 grs. of Soy Cream: The soy helps in the prevention of bones diseases such as osteoporosis.
  • 15 grs. of Kuzu: The high fiber content of this root helps to reduce the absorption of fats and sugars in food.
Ingredients for the Red Fruits Soup:
  •  1 l. of Water: Is the main element in the living beings’ organism, so it is essential in any healthy diet.
  • 3 tablespoons of Blueberries Juice: The ingestion of this juice is really beneficial for the treatment of kidney infection.
  • 500 grs. of Red Fruits: The large amount of Vitamin C that this fruit contains, make it a great partner to beat blood cholesterol.
  • 15 grs. of Kuzu
Preparation of the Pastry:
  1. Take the layer of pastry and cut it lengthwise in two pieces.
  2. Bake it with baking paper at 180ºC for 22 minutes. Put some weight on the top.
  3. Cut the pastry, when it is still warm, in pieces of 14 cm.
Preparation of the Tiramisu:
  1. Boil all the ingredients except the kuzu, that will be added to the mix at the end to let it cook on medium heat for 5 minutes.
  2. Leave to cool on a pan and beat it strongly.
  3. Put the resulting mixture into a pastry bag.
Preparation of the red Fruits Soup:
  1. Boil the water with the cranberry juice and add the kuzu to thicken the mixture.
  2. Mash the red fruits (leaving some for garnish) and strain the mixture. Add it to the previous result.
  3. Cut the red fruits and add them to the cold soup.


Plate the result and enjoy the delicious taste of one of the most desired healthy desserts of the SHA‘s restaurant.

You will be surprised!

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