tagliatelis with loins of vegetables and cream of zucchini

Healthy recipe: Tagliatelle with loins of vegetables and zucchini cream

For SHA Wellness Clinic
Thursday November 20th, 2014
Healthy nutrition

Healthy recipe: Tagliatelis with loins of vegetables and cream of zucchini.

We present you a healthy recipe from Shamadi’s Restaurant in SHA WELLNESS CLINIC. Pasta and vegetables are very healthy because they contain suitable nutrients to have a balanced diet. In addition, pasta combined with vegetables is the tastiest!

Have never tried it yet? Let’s start now!


Ingredients (4 people):


Spelta Bla flour 200 grs.

Eggs 4

Water 34 ml.



Carrot 150 grs.

Zucchini 150 grs.

Daikon turnip 150 grs.

Salsifis 100 grs.


Zucchini Cream:

Zucchini 180 grs.

Tarragon 12 grs.

Soya cream 50 ml.



Pasta: make a dough with the ingredients and knead lightly. With the help of a laminating machine pass the pieces of mass till obtaining thin sheets of 30 x 7 aprox. Pass the tagliatelle through the roller pin to form them.

Vegetables: peel the vegetables and once peeled, with the same peeler, continue extracting loins as if we were still peeling.

Sauce:  wash the zucchini and cut the tops and bottoms. Then cut the rest in regular pieces and boil until they are soft. Pass them through the blender. Add the cream and the tarragon.

Setting: Brown the vegetables in a wok with olive oil and pinch of salt. Add the pasta after cooking it for 5 minutes in water and salt and continue browning. Add the sauce and remove. Serve in a plate.

This recipe my seem kind of difficult for you for the fact of making your own pasta at home. But there’s also the possibility to buy already made  Spelt pasta, which will for sure make things easier for the cook!

We encourage you to try it! This healthy recipe it’s perfect to prepare this weekend and to share it with family or  friends.



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