Healthy recipe: Apple pie with Mu tea ice cream

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Thursday December 4th, 2014
Healthy nutrition

Is there a better choice for evening afternoons than a tasty cake? Even better if besides from being delicious it’s also healthy! Share this healthy recipe: apple pie with Mu tea ice cream with your friends. Invite them to have tea and spend the evening together in front of the chimney or watching movies. It’s such a great plan!

Ingredients you may need:

  • 1 plate of puff-pastry.
  • Golden apples and agar (for the apple compote).
  • 270 grs. of spelt flour, 80 grs. of  toasted almond pastry, 40 grs. of BIO margarine, 110 grs of agave (for the white sand).
  • 800 grs. of oats milk, 8grs. of salt, 200 grs. of agave, 8,5 grs. agar, 50 grs. of Mu Tea, 200 grs. of white almond pastry, 200 grs. of soybean cream and 200 grs. of yogurt (for the Mu tea ice cream).
  • 400 grs. of agave and 400 grs. of soybean cream (for the Toffee).



Plate of puff pastry:

  • With a rhombus pastry cutter, cut in rhombuses and put them on a antiadherent sheet.
  • Bake to 200 degrees between 2 antiadherent sheets and with 2 grids of weight.

Apple compote:

  • Boil the apples.
  • Bake to 160 degrees with agar dusted above.
  • Crush everything and strain.

White sand:

  • Introduce all the ingredients in a mixer until lumps are formed.
  • Extend on a antiadherent sheet and bake to 160 degrees during 10 minutes.
  • Chill and crush.

Mu tea ice cream:

  • Boil all the ingredients (except cream and yogurt).
  • Let in slow fire during 10 minutes.
  • Strain and mixe with the other ingredients.
  • Pour out the content in hermetic glasses.


  • Warm to fire under approximately 30 minutes up to getting dark candy.
  • Mix with the cream.
  • Introduce in a kitchen baby bottle.




  • Laminate half of a bare apple.
  • Do the rhombus form putting the apples in between.
  • Assemble the pie, freeze and bake 15 minutes with painted toffee to 160 degrees.
  • Bake 3 minutes before serving.

We hope you like this realthy recipe from Shamadi’s Restaurant in SHA Wellness Clinic. Also remember that you can find some of the ingredients to do this healthy recipe in the SHA BOUTIQUE. 

Why not trying this recipe for your Christmas meals? Give it a chance! 

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