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Healthy pasta recipe

For SHA Wellness Clinic
Thursday April 16th, 2015
Healthy nutrition

Healthy pasta recipe: Spelt tagliatelis with ratatouille sauce

You will love today’s healthy recipe from Shamadi Restaurant at SHA Wellness Clinic that you will love. A dish made with pasta and ratatouille, a delicious combination, great for those who want to take care of their diet without starving.

Pasta and vegetables are healthy foods that contain nutrients suitable for a healthy and balanced diet. 

Ingredients (4 people)

For the Dough

Spelt flour 200 grs.

Water 125 grs.


Ratatouille Sauce

Carrot 200 grs.

Dry Onions 100grs.

Green Celery  50 grs.

Beet 30 grams.

Bay leaf 1

Some oregano

1 Garlic clove

Umeboshi Pasta  3 grs.

Some Rice vinegar


Carrots 100 grs.

Red pepper 50 grs.

Zucchini 100 grs.

Dry onions 100 grs.

Extra virgin olive oil




Mix the ingredients and knead, make sheets of 2 mm thick and make the tagliateli with a pastry cutter.


Cut vegetables into chunks and sauté with some oil (except the beet), cover with water and add the bay leaves and oregano. Cook for 15 minutes and add beets and the other ingredients, leave for 5 minutes and blend it all taking the bay lead before. Add salt.


Cut all the vegetables into mirepoix and sauté for 5 minutes with some oil, add salt and the sauce preparation, stir for 2 minutes and remove it from fire.
Cook the pasta for 6 minutes in boiling water, drain and add the ratatouille sauce. Decorate with a sprig of dill.

Haven’t you tried it yet? We encourage you to prepare it!


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