Healthy Nutrition tips

For SHA Wellness Clinic
Friday March 20th, 2015
Healthy nutrition

Most of the times we don’t know how harmful some foods are for our organism and we continue eating them without knowing that there exist healthier alternatives.
Our Macrobiotic consultants at Sha Wellness Clinic share these healthy nutrition tips and propose the following changes into the diet that will for sure contribute to improve the health of those who’d like to try.

  • Replace cheese for Tofu. Be careful! It’s important to boil it for 5 minutes before eating!




  • Replace yogurt for gelatine. You can prepare it yourself with apple juice and agar agar.
  • Replace the butter of your breakfast toast for tahini or peanut butter (homemade). 




  • Common jam on your toast for sugar free marmalades or sugar free compote.
  • White bread for wholegrain bread. 
  • Common coffee for cereals coffee. You can find excellent options.

A complete breakfast will then be a whole grain bread toast with apple compote or some sugar free muesli with oats, rice or almond drink.

  • Replace red meats for legumes and cereals and other substitutes such as seitan, tofu or tempeh. 




  • Rice, pasta and white bread for wholegrain rice, pasta and bread. 



  • Common salt for complete not processed salt . 


  • Frozen vegetables for seasonal vegetables.





  • Soft drinks for water with lemon or cucumber or ice teas.


It’s not about changing our diet completely, these are just some small steps that can make a lot for our health! 



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