Healthy diets in which you can include detox juices

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Wednesday July 19th, 2017
Healthy nutrition

Gone are the miracle diets, in which you had to consume certain types of foods only. With the advent of the detox diet, many have aimed to follow a healthy lifestyle, because this diet helps you lose weight and also release toxins and cleanse the liver.

How do detox diets help?

The detox diet is a lifestyle; not only does it consist of consuming certain types of food; but furthermore, it is important to translate healthy habits into all aspects of daily life. This lifestyle is of great help to cleanse the body and prevent ageing, thanks to its antioxidant function. Other benefits are the improvement of the appearance of the skin and the digestive system. In addition, you will rest better and you will feel more vitality.

Let’s explain the types of basic detox diets, so you can choose the one that suits you best. It is highly recommended that before you start following the diet, you go to a nutritionist to get personalised advice and have a follow-up of the process. In this way, you will achieve your goals sooner and without any risks.

  1. Diet based on detox juices and shakes

This type of diet consists of eating liquid-based food, as it is the best way to help the digestive system to be cleansed. You can consume juices, shakes and soups; there are a multitude of recipes to make them. Ask your nutritionist for the one that suits you best.

Juices are a direct source of nutrients and are very clean. In addition, it will make you feel more vitality and more energetic during the day. It is a diet designed for about five days, but you can see the benefits in just one. It is advisable to follow it during a holiday period or at a weekend, since physical activity is lower at these times.

  1. Alternate detox juices and shakes with unprocessed solid foods

This involves combining unprocessed solid foods, such as fruits or vegetables, with liquids in the most important meals. For dinner only have juice or a milkshake. The most positive thing about this type of detox diet is that you have all the cleansing and antioxidant benefits, plus you can exercise moderately by doing yoga or Pilates.

This diet is designed to be followed for between five and ten days, with very positive results both for the body and in terms of weight loss.

  1. Consume only unprocessed solid foods.

This diet can be extended to 20 days, although some people base their lifestyle on it, for example, vegans. The physical results are very striking, as it helps you achieve remarkable weight loss. As we have said, it involves avoiding animal-based or processed foods, something that will facilitate the proper functioning of the body.

To complete these types of diets, you need to avoid stress and lead a healthy life. It is highly recommended to use holidays to also detoxify the mind. For this purpose, there are relaxation centres and natural therapies that can be a good plan when on holiday.

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