Healthy Custard recipe
Healthy Custard recipe

Healthy Custard recipe

For SHA Wellness Clinic
Wednesday April 30th, 2014
Healthy nutrition
Healthy Dessert Recipe: Custard without eggs or milk

If anything characterizes the gastronomy of the restaurant SHAMADI is its ability to achieve the challenge of making healthy cuisine in a unique experience for the palate with flavor and texture.

Definitely one thing that leaves surprised everyone who tries the cuisine of SHA Wellness is its healthy pastries. How is it possible that so delicious desserts are made ​​only with beneficial health productsHow can we make sweets and desserts without sugar, milk or eggs?

An example is this dessert without milk, macrobiotic custard recipe where traditional milk is replaced by oat milk and sugar by rice syrup.

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Ingredients for custard recipe without milk:

  • Oat milk 600 gr.
  • Rice milk 600 gr.
  • Rice syrup 300 gr.
  • Agar Agar 6 gr. (plain gelatin original from Japan)
  • Kudzu 10 gr.
  • Vanilla
  • Cinnamon 3 gr.
  • Lemon zest
  • Turmeric


Ingredients for cookies berries:

  • White spelled flour 125 gr.
  • Whole spelled flour 125 gr.
  • Margarine 75 gr.
  • 50 gr. rice syrup.
  • Red fruits 100 gr.
  • One teaspoon of salt


Elaboration of the healthy custard:


  1. Place all ingredients in a pot except the kudzu and bring to a boil, lower to a simmer for 5 minutes and add the kudzu dissolved in water.
  2. Strain through a sieve and leave in a tray of 12 cm depth to fit the entire amount and properly distributed. Leave to set, cut and blend with a whisk.
  3. Decorate with currants and cinnamon

Cookies berries

  1. Mix all the ingredients in a container
  2. Stretch over an area of ​​marble, cut into shapes and place them on a special baking paper to prevent sticking
  3. Put in the oven at 180 º for 12 minutes
  4. and enjoy this delicious healthy sweet dessert!

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