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Friday October 2nd, 2015
Healthy nutrition

Have you ever dreamed of sharing the secrets of a professional Chef in the same kitchen? And what if he reveals the secrets of the recipes you love so much so you can learn how to prepare them and taste them at the time? It’s now possible thanks to the Healthy Cooking classes at SHA in The Chef’s Studio. Stay tuned!

The Chef’s Studio is a place where you can learn and share the principles of the nutrition and gastronomy of SHA. A natural way to restore your health through healthy dishes, with highly nutritious ingredients to stimulate the palate and internal organs in a ritual that will prepare you to achive a significant and substantial change in your diet and lifestyle.


In a lively, dynamic and professional environment you will learn a delicious collection of recipes, where the Chef makes special emphasis on the alkalizing and aidifying principles of each food, the way to cook them, how to season and prepare them in order to get their maximum nutrients.


You will be able to enhoy Private classes, Group classes and Dinners with the Chef. If you are someone who prefers sharing a fun class with other guests, you can learn the culinary secrets of the healthy eating of SHA in daily group classes. There are classes every day the week with different themes in which you will discover the importance of energy breakfast, how to adapt your body to seasonal changes, the importance of vegetable proteins, delicious and healthy recipes with which losing weight on a conscious and balanced way, and even preparing delicious desserts with which you will enjoy without remorses.


Chef Studio



If, however, you prefer a personalised class, in which you will be able to select from a long list what dishes you want to learn cooking, the Chef’s Studio is also available for you. Seaweeds, miso, tofu, lotus and seitan can become great allies of delicious dishes full of creativity. Discover the therapeutic contribution of each food from our Chef, the therapeutic contribution of each food and prepare even 4 recipes each class.


And what better than a dinner prepared on live with which, in adittion of learning how to cook, you will be able to taste each plate while the chef is preparing them. A unique experience in which you will taste 4 different dishes.



Now you know The Chef’s Studio, what are you waiting for coming and try it?


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