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Healthy Christmas presents ideas

For SHA Wellness Clinic
Wednesday December 16th, 2015
Health & Beauty

Physical and mental wellbeing has been an upward trend during 2015. We seem to be increasingly aware of the need to lead a healthy way of living in order to live a full life. Healthy eating and fitness  have been more present this year than ever and this Christmas they become gifts.

We want to share with you some Christmas presents ideas to give health and well-being to those who have not yet discovered the benefits of a healthy lifestyle:

What to give to who needs to lose some weight?

The most important thing for people who need to lose some weight is to know that healthy food can be delicious and also attractive.

A dinner with spectacular views in our SHAMADI Restaurant can be a good start. The variety and taste of our healthy menus will open a new world of culinary possibilities.

Learning to cook their own meals will be the next step. In the cooking classes at The Chef’s Studio thet will not only learn recipes, they will also learn nutritional advice and food combinations that can be applied in everyday life.

The star gift is definitely SHA Weight Loss Programme, customized to specific needs, with a duration of one or two weeks.


What to give to who needs to relax?

People living in a continuous stress need to learn to stop, think and breath from time to time. But stress can be addictive and these techniques are not always easy to learn.

To them, private classes are perfect to get into the mind body disciplines. Some sessions of Yoga, Ai-Chi or meditation will help them learn certain techniques to use on later when needed.

Watsu is one of the most relaxing therapies in the world. It is a water treatment that combines movements with gentle stretching, oriental acupuncture points and Shiatsu massage, while cradled in water at 34ºC.

The Anti-Stress Program will be a before and after in his life. It’s not only a week of complete relaxation, it is a week of deep learning, inner journey and self recognition.


healthy christmas presents


What to give to who wants to improve their appearance?

Facial beauty rituals performed in SHA, focused on different beauty goals, are unique due to the products and techniques used by our therapists. A delight for the beauty of any woman looking to improve the appearance of the face.

And if they’re looking to remodel or fight body flab or cellulite, the ideal present will be non-invasive aesthetic medicine sessions as VelaShape, Pressotherapy or LPG.

You can also have the Rejuvenation Programme.  A highly concentrated programme that optimizes health and earning years to life and life to years.


And if you are one of those who leaves gifts shopping for the last minute, you can always count with our Esenza by SHA stores at Madrid Airport, where you can buy a variety of healthy products: health books, exclusive beauty products, SHA Supplements, SHA scented candles and teas with therapeutic properties…



Give health and well-being for Christmas!


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