Healthy breakfast for energetic mornings

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Wednesday January 21st, 2015

Healthy Breakfast for all day energy

Our breakfast starts at dinner time. What does it mean? Our breakfast depends on what we had for dinner the night before. Macrobiotics recommends early and light dinners so we are hungry enough when we wake up. We will also allow the organs to clean and repair themselves instead of working on the digestion.

Let’s suppose we had an early and light dinner (8.30 the latest). We feel hungry when we wake up the next morning and will notice our energy starts its activation. To respect this light but increasing energy, our breakfast must be nutritious and wet but never too heavy.

Here are some alternatives, which respect the criteria:

Option 1: Rice porridge

We can use already cooked brown rice (or leftovers from the previous day). Just boil the rice for 10 minutes on any type of vegetable drink (rice, oats milk, etc) and add some raisins, nuts and/or a sweetener such as rice or barley syrup. This porridge has beneficial effects both in mental and physical state.

Option 2: Millet porridge

We first have to pound the mill (3 tablespoon) until it becomes semolina. We then boil it on a vegetable drink (rice, oats milk, etc) for 10-15 minutes stiring it repeatedly. Cinnamon, grind flax seeds, rice or barley syrup to sweeten can be also added.





Option 3: Bread and vegetable drink

It’s the most practical option, for those who are in a hurry or don’t like cooking that much. It’s better to have a high quality, sourdough bread made by wholemeal flour accompanied with natural jam (without sugar) or olive/flax oil. For people with liver problems, dry skin, mouth or eyes, constipation or usual headaches is advisable to have steamed bread. You can also have it with a vegetable spread.

Option 4: Oatmeal porridge

It is the most popular breakfast in northern European countries. Boil Oatmeals in a vegetable drink with a cinnamon stick and a little lemon peel for 10 minutes. If you want to give a stronger touch we can add an almonds or peanuts cream teaspoon. Rice syrup to sweeten and roasted nuts can also be added.

Option 5: Miso Soup

It’s the most advisable option for those people with health problems that want to feel better. You can see how is it prepared on our post “ Easy miso soup recipe”.


We can choose from a variety of drinks:

Cereals coffee: Provides the body with a good amount of minerals, enhances digestion and mental focus.

Mu tea: It gives strength to the body and has beneficial effects, relieves stomach problems and improves the immune system. It is a tea with a taste of liquorice and cinnamon, a macrobiotic formula made out of 16 plants.





Three years tea: Specially recommended for those on a weight loss diet, as it helps the digestion of fats.

Green tea, especially Sencha variety, for its high content of polyphenols, with beneficial health effects.


Try to change your breakfast habits and turn them into healthy breakfast to enjoy energetic mornings!


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