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Get fit smartly: Your summer body the smart way!

For SHA Wellness Clinic
Tuesday May 17th, 2016
Health & Beauty

Summer is getting closer and for sure, you feel like showing off a perfect body. You are still on time to get it but the hurry does not have to make you choose aggressive methods that can be harmful for your health: miraculous diets, long and intensive gym days or invasive aesthetic treatments. The objective is to get a great and healthy body without taking any risks.

We offer you a combination of activities and personalized treatments what will work on three essential areas to reach a healthy aspect that lasts all summer long: nutrition, fitness and body treatments.


Healthy diet: The key

To get a perfect body, it is important to modify the diet for a healthy and balanced nutrition. There is no place for miracle diets or fasting days.

Yolanda Andrés, nutrition expert in SHA Wellness Clinic, advises that in order to get fit, it is essential to “eat more food that help depurate, that help organism eliminate fats and metabolic excesses, as for example, radishes and turnips, all kind of mushrooms, green leafy vegetables. (…) It is also perfecto to use often fresh ginger, garlic and lemon and to incorporate to every meal fresh aromatic herbs like spring onions, parsley, coriander, mint, and so on.”

SHA Wellness Clinic also offers The Chef´s Studio as the perfect space to learn the secrets of SHA’s healthy gastronomy and to apply them every day in your plan to get fit smartly. The objective is that healthy alimentary habits are learned and can be performed later in daily life.


Fitness: Essential

Having a healthy diet is not enough. It is important to combine it with physical exercise. It is the key to reach the marked goals; it will help reduce fat, keep muscular mass and tone the body up. However, it is important that you don’t start any fitness activity but the ones that are adapted to your needs and possibilities.


Running is one of the sport methods most demanded by people when they start designing a fitness plan to get fit. However it is not advisable to start without personal advising. SHA offers its hosts the possibility to have a footstep test, a new technique that studies patients’ moves and footsteps to elaborate a personalized plan of exercises that will improve running performance.


Some extra help: electric lymphatic drainage

Non-invasive body treatments are a fantastic help to get the desired figure. Among them, ELD stands out. It’s a new aesthetic treatment designed to loose volume, eliminate toxins and improve the skin aspect. Optimal results are reached through the application of bioelectric impulses that improve superficial and deep circulation. With a conductive glove, the expert makes massage’s movements that softly put pressure on the lymphatic system. Thanks to this equipment, liquids and toxins are removed, improving blood circulation, avoiding edemas’ formation and improving cells’ nutrition.


At SHA, we suggest to get fit in a healthy way under qualified experts supervision to obtain optimal results without neglecting your health.

To complete the plan to get fit smartly and reach visible results in few weeks, SHA offers several health programs (Weight control, Detox, Fitness among others) and a wide range of wellness treatments, as hydro-colon therapy session or Velashape, that will help to get an enviable figure and health condition this summer.

Have a look at our special offers and get fit smartly during the month of June.


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