entrenamiento funcional

What is functional training?

For SHA Wellness Clinic
Monday April 25th, 2016

Do you always train in the same way? Today we would like to challenge you to change your sport routine for functional training. It consists on very intensive sessions of 30 minutes, involving exercises for different muscular groups or chains.


Having an objective

The main difference between functional training and other disciplines is that you follow a specific goal and all the training is designed for you to achieve it. So it is important that the professional trainer knows you and your capacities well to offer an adapted programme. Since the training is personalized, it is beneficial for everybody, no matter the age, flexibility or the physical condition.

Functional training looks for a muscular performance through several exercises that are inspired by daily movements, as sitting down, lifting up heavy loads… All the aspects of human movements have to be integrated into the training. To achieve it, you can use habitual objects or innovative ones as a mini trampoline, bosu or fitball, which also make the practice more entertaining.


Benefits of the practice:

Preventing lesions, since it teaches correct and secure movements for daily life (work, housework…)

Improving corporal posture, as stabilizing muscles have to work. Thus, you get a strong and toned abdomen and a straight back.

Improving all the body and general mobility, working on muscles but also on joints.

Improving motor capacities, providing agility, coordination and balance.

Boosting weight loss, as sessions are really intense and a lot of fat is burnt.

Promoting recuperation after a lesion, repeating moves of daily life.

Helping improve in a specific sport.

Entertaining, since functional training can be practiced in groups.

The main benefit of functional training is that it is totally natural. Traditional training doesn’t have this quality, as it focuses on moves that you never or almost never reproduce in daily life.


If you finally dare to try functional training, please share your impressions with us!


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