Functional Training: the best training for your everyday life

Functional Training: the best training for your everyday life

For SHA Wellness Clinic
Thursday December 13th, 2012
Functional Training is a very effective personal training that adapts the exercises to individual needs aimed at improving the daily functions and enhancing the quality of life of those who practice it. They are multi-joint and multi-muscular exercises seeking to develop the intelligence of human movement.
Functional Training: what is it and what are its benefits

The main difference between functional training and conventional training is that the first one is not oriented to competition of any kind but is primarily aimed at improving the health and general wellbeing. The classical training tended to focus on aerobics widespread regardless the specific needs of the people who performed it. However, with functional training, what we look for here in SHA is that every guest gets the most out of its body and its movements.This training incorporates the best of each field of fitness, considering the physiology and functional biomechanics of the human body, neuroscience and physical laws applied to each body movement. Thereby, the exercises are performed from the detailed study of how our body of the person works and our individual conditions, thus allowing to obtain optimized results. So, although you can do it as a group, we recommend carrying out individually with a personal trainer.

Moreover, in addition to improving our physical abilities such as strength, speed or endurance, functional training works with other capabilities also important for our day to day as agility, mobility, stability, coordination or balance, also correcting our posture.

The good thing about these exercises is that they are’nt made with complex machines but can be made with much simpler materials (balls, dumbbells, TRX straps…) without being less effective. Furthermore, they are very entertaining for those perform them.

In this video you can see how Luis Ganso, Personal Trainer at SHA Wellness Clinic, performs some exercises that could be incorporated into a functional training with some of the material we have in our Fitness Area.

If you have any question for Luis or want us to do a post about a particular exercise, you just have to leave a comment! Come on!

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