Five tips to avoid post-vacation syndrome

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Tuesday September 9th, 2014
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Guidelines to adjust yourself to the routine as quick as possible

After summer holidays, the return to work and to the normal routine, give rise to a complex adaptation period that is popularly known as “post-vacation syndrome” or “post vacation blues” that can be identified because of the stress caused by schedule changes, habits, and lifestyle.

Although in most situations being back to routine does not involve any kind of disorder, from SHA Wellness Clinic we offer you five tips to make your return as easy as it could be.

Get back to work with a smile SHA Wellness Clinic

5 tips for getting back to routine after summer holidays:
  1. Doing sport: Helps to release endorphins (the proteins responsible of happiness) and allows our mind to forget stress, besides improving our health.
  2. Respect the resting hours: One of the main steps if you want your organism to adapt to the usual routine as soon as possible, is to regularize the sleep. 8 hours of sleeping are perfect for health!
  3. Organize your time appropriately: As few hours a day are reserved for working, it is very important todistribute your free time properly to dedicate it to your favorite activities.
  4. Avoid negative thoughts: Best way to adapt yourself to routine is giving a positive assessment to the situation and avoid thinking constantly about holidays.
  5. Watch your diet: As for the rest of the year, diet and food are really important for our organism to be healthy so, at this time, is really necessary to control the food that we eat; for this, we recommend you not to miss the recipes you will find in our blog.

If you want your back to routine to be as easy as possible, do not hesitate and follow our tips to get it. You will not regret!


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