Five exclusive detox programmes for managers

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Friday May 5th, 2017
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A detox programme is a fast and effective way to rid your body and mind of toxins.Detox therapies are becoming increasingly popular, especially among company managers, due to the numerous benefits of complete body cleansing.A detoxification programme may include a diet of liquids, raw vegetables, macrobiotics, or fasting with juices, to name but a few.

Most detox programmes include facial treatments to regenerate and purify the skin.Organic therapy expels harmful substances ingested through solids or liquids such as treated water, processed food, chemical food additives, food colouring and pesticides.

Exclusive programmes

The liver, intestines, kidneys, lymphatic system and skin are saturated with a large amount of chemicals and metals such as lead, mercury and aluminium, and the elimination of toxins is obstructed.To help the body to eliminate toxins, the following five detox programmes are recommended:

Shock programme

A one-week stay at a centre with constant monitoring by medical, psychological and fitness training teams.Diet control and toxicity index measurement.Guaranteed recovery of energy and vitality, thanks to therapies including massage and toxin elimination strategies, complemented by in-depth clinical tests.Guidelines and counselling for use are established once the programme has ended.

Maintenance programme

Medical consultations and mesotherapy sessions.Aromatic and thermal bath sessions, and physical sports intervention with exercises inside and outside of the gym.

Soft skin programme

Hydrotherapy and rejuvenation therapy are brought together thanks to grape polyphenols.With a 36-hour stay at a detox centre, this programme includes skin purification and exfoliation, facial massage treatment, using the antioxidant properties of honey and wine.

Facial rejuvenation programme

Elimination of impurities with hydro-dermo-abrasion techniques.Injections to eliminate toxins and boost skin vitality and youthfulness by providing natural antioxidants and moisturisers.This programme includes digestive and vitamin treatment.

Anti-stress programme

Retreat in a monastery or isolated enclave for several daysThis is complemented with programmes of relaxation, meditation and detoxification of harmful substances by means of drainage therapy with water, exfoliating massages, thermal baths and intensive detox diets.

Detox philosophy

There are few things better than an exclusive detox programme to release the environmental pollution that accumulates in the body, and the medication, unhealthy food and even toxic people that cause stress, anxiety, emotional fatigue, and lack of energy.

Going regularly to a detox programme helps to regenerate the body and mind from negativity and harmful substances.To ascertain the frequency of treatment for each case, consult professionals for advice.However, having therapy every three months will guarantee good levels of overall regeneration.

Antitoxin treatments also provide the wake-up call needed to lead a healthier lifestyle, lose weight, eat more healthily, do more exercise, balance our body, increase our sense of well-being and happiness and, above all, have better quality of life.


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