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Monday February 23rd, 2015

When we choose a Fitness Program we have to bear in mind that we are choosing one of the most powerful anti-aging programs ever.

The “Fitness way of life” is the one which has more long-term benefits. Not only the fact of practising sports, but all that being in shape means: healthy eating and according to efficiency, regenerative and deep rest, stress control, self confidence, stimulation and release of many substances beneficial to health, such as hormones, crucial for multiple organ to physiological functions. Besides, physical activity helps us avoiding pain and injuries produced by sedentary way of life.

SHA Fitness Program is advised by high-level personal trainers who will analyse your muscular balance, elasticity, back, etc. on an introductory evaluation. They’ll take your preferences and objectives into account and then prescribe the proper training with the aim of harmonizing the body recovering the balance; functional exercises that combine strength and endurance balance applicable to current lifestyle in the predominantly sedentary lifestyle.

Methods to train and physical activities are varied and they complement each other, as cross training make improvements be quicker and safer. We can then offer on the program: Personal trainer sessions, Strength, Endurance, Functional Training, FatBurner, Pilates…

Following new trends, electrostimulation sessions can also be performed. A training where intramuscular coordination is worked; this means a great number of muscular fibres are activated to counteract “the attack” of the machine. The result is excellent: we gain muscle quality while burning fats and only 20 minutes of specific work are needed to improve as if we had trained conventionally for an hour with intensity.


sha fitness program


Among the treatments included on the program, Ozone Therapy and Serotherapy stand out:

Ozone therapy is an innovative treatment in which ozone molecules are used in our blood to give us vitality, energy and a great sensation of well-being and at the same it rejuvenates our organism, boosts our immune system and has many other health benefits too.

The biological serotherapy treatment involves the intravenous administration of a personalized type of serum created using a selection of vitamins, trace elements and natural biological medicine to enhance the body’s own self-healing ability and according to our specific needs: lose weight, improve our complexion, get healthier hair, etc.


Up to this point we could say that SHA Fitness Program is unique but we always go further. Excellence is our objective so we know it is not only teaching some exercises and training guidelines; we want every person to connect with his/her own body, to feel the muscles he/she is working and to learn how to self explore. When we achieve that, we will be aware of our body any time we do some exercise, we will listen to it with the result of being able to control the proper effort level at any time, not only when we practice exercise. We will know our possibilities in any daily situation. Definitely, choosing the SHA Fitness program will be a great start for a “Fitness way of life”.


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