fitness ballet
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Fitness Ballet

For SHA Wellness Clinic
Monday March 7th, 2016

Pliés, battements, tendus… perhaps these words make you remind the ballet lessons from your childhood. Time has passed and for one reason or another, you stopped practicing. If you feel nostalgic of this time, you have to know that ballet is not anymore a sport reserved to children.  Fitness Ballet is one of the new trendy sports, praised by Natalie Portman, Sarah Jessica Parker, Dita von Teese as well as several Victoria’s Secret Angels.

We can now find schools that offer Fitness Ballet lessons in the main cities of the world, which you can join without having previous experience. The important is to enjoy. The participants have not all a dancer’s past, they are not all flexible and elastic but each of them can take benefits of the practice within its own limits.


A discipline for the body…

Fitness ballet gives several benefits for your health with the goal of getting a slender and toned body.

  • tones up muscles
  • helps to burn fat and calories
  • works on the abdominal zone
  • improves the posture
  • gives flexibility
  • develops musculature

fitness ballet training

… and also for the mind

Ballet requires concentration, that’s why it is a complete neurologic activity. Indeed, you need to plan a sequence, exacerbate the attention, integrate the audio information, and activate the memory at medium and long-term… Being attentive to your moves permits to forget about your daily life’s problems. Moreover, as your brain is keeping alert during the lesson, you feel an intense wellness at the end of the session.


The results of the fitness ballet practice can be appreciated after 3 months according to the attendance frequency and your physics and mental capacities. This sport is the perfect solution for the ones who want to get in shape, without giving up on the aesthetic and mental relaxation.


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