Fit-Detox after the summer? What to do and how to achieve it!

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Tuesday September 18th, 2018

Paulina Mercader - Director of our Wellness Area
Paulina Mercader - Director of our Wellness Area

Our Director of the Wellness Area, shares the tips to get fit after the summer.

After a few months of excess and enjoying a fantastic vacation, we must consider taking some measures to gradually return our body to its usual rhythm so as not to die in the attempt.

You might need to put some extra planning into your detox to make sure you are working out at a safe level and getting the fuel you need.

Remember you need lots of energy for detoxification. Exercise is vital for healthy body and mind and is a great kick start for a natural detox process. However, during a detox, it is important that you don’t put undue stress on the body by undertaking a grueling exercise routine, which takes energy away from the detoxification process and leaves you feeling weak.

1 month detox workout program

First 10 days:

Don’t overdo it physically – there’s no need and the effects could be counter-productive. If you run a lot, for example, think about switching your morning outing for a brisk 20-30-minute walk. Switch to a gentler relaxing form of fitness, such as Yoga to focus the mind and give the body the gentle form of exercise it needs now.

Exercises that work the core are great for detoxing. Stomach crunches and abdominal twists help your digestive system.

After the 10 days:

Review your program with your nutritionist and together adjust your diet to enhance your detox, involve food rich in fiber but low GI, make sure to provide your body a steady supply of energy throughout the following 20 days.


Find here some tips regarding the ideal workout based on your type of detox program:

  • Running / Cycling for a raw food cleanse.
  • Strength-Training / Conditioning classes for fast metabolism cleanse.
  • Swimming / Pilates for a juice cleanse detox.
  • Low-Intensity Cardio for intermittent fasting.


Last but not least don’t forget that a detox process should always be directed by professionals, who will monitor your progress and watch over your health.

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