Festivities at SHA!

For SHA Wellness Clinic
Friday November 11th, 2016

Once again, we’re approaching Christmas, a period of celebrations. Unconsciously, we tend to associate the festivities with adopting unhealthy habits. We tend to let ourselves go, making the start of the New Year an uphill battle. The increased ingestion of caloric food with little nutritional value, alongside the lack of routine and physical activity, has a negative effect on our organism, making it harder to get back into a healthy routine once this period is over.

Without a doubt, Christmas is a time for enjoyment, however, regardless of what most people think, it is possible to celebrate and enjoy this time of year in a more conscious and healthy way.This is why we’re offering you the chance to celebrate this festive period with us! We have designed a special activities program in line with our approach to health and wellbeing, making SHA the ideal place to come enjoy the holidays, whether it’s with your family (children aged 12 and above) or alone. Either way, you will be warmly taken care by the SHA team and sharing the festive period with interesting people from all parts of the world, making it a healthy yet enjoyable festive experience!

The healthy festivities program at SHA will begin on December 20th with a special charity Christmas concert by the string quintet A Kiss for all the World-formed by some of the best young instrumentalists in the Spanish orchestral panorama-, conducted by Íñigo Pirfano-promoter and director of the project-, who travel all around the world to offer their music to everyone, especially to more disadvantaged people. From this date up until January 7th, we will offer an attractive activity program, from healthy Christmas cooking classes, a selection of movies screened at our cinema, a varied musical program followed by festive evenings, dance classes, delicious Christmas menus that are equally as healthy, workshops to plan the year ahead in the best way possible, and even a ‘Masquerade Ball’ to end the year on a high note, amongst many other activities and surprises.

You’ll be able to enjoy a healthy holiday in an idyllic location and get ready for the New Year to come full of health and vitality.

We are excited to welcome you into the New Year taking care of yourself from the inside out!





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