Facial rejuvenation: when and how?

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Friday July 10th, 2020
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Among all the treatments used today to help people look younger in a natural way, hyaluronic acid fillers play a starring role. Gone are the days when the result could be an expressionless, artificial “plastic face”. Today the advances in Aesthetic Medicine allow more natural and beautiful effects. But when and how to apply the fillers?  


We are working with a very safe product and with much more ‘artistic’ results. Our fillers are made of hyaluronic acid (HA). It is an essential and abundant component of the natural extracellular matrix of all animal tissues“, explains Dr Barbara Dalbos, expert in Aesthetic Medicine at SHA Wellness Clinic. 


The fact that HA shows no tissue or species specificity is crucial to minimize any adverse effects from possible immune reactions or transplant rejection, and our body’s enzymes eliminate it naturally.  


There are hundreds of brands, but at SHA we decided to opt for the most famous products that have been attested to by the health authorities to guarantee maximum safety for our patients,” points out Dr Barbara Dalbos. 


Ageing and tissue anatomy 


Over the past five years, the introduction of new types of fillers with innovative rheological characteristics has significantly expanded treatment options. Previously the goal was very basic: to treat wrinkles and contours. But time confirmed that many other factors were involved.  


A fundamental role in the evolution of the use of fillers can be found in our excellent knowledge of the anatomical bases underlying the ageing processes. Understanding the anatomy of the tissues present in the face (skin, fat compartments, ligaments and bones), as well as their evolution linked to ageing, allows a more useful and effective approach to correcting the main defects selectively“, explains the SHA Wellness Clinic expert. 


Optimal results in restoring volume and contour depend on correcting these deficiencies in several layers of the fascial envelope. This includes creating a foundation for deep structural support in the subperiosteal or submuscular plane. Also, the volume depletion of subcutaneous fat compartments and the restoration of dermal and subdermal support to minimize skin rhythms, furrows and grooves.  


A comprehensive, safe and expert approach 


Most of the time, we just replace the loss of fat, muscle or bone. But to provide a natural and youthful look, this restoration has to be comprehensive,” warns Dr Barbara Dalbos. 


The goal and means of doing so must be clearly defined. A personalized and in-depth consultation with the patient and the most expert advice is of vital importance. To help achieve the best results, we must have a thorough understanding of the anatomy and ageing process, select the product and establish rigorous safety protocols. We need to think beyond wrinkles and lines. 


When evaluating patients for rejuvenation, we pay attention to facial contours, such as the relative prominence of the cheeks, forehead, chin and jawline, as well as general volume changes and surface wrinkles and lines. Some of the more subtle changes ultimately become the most important when it comes to facial rejuvenation,” summarizes the SHA Wellness Clinic specialist. 


The unstoppable rise of Aesthetic Medicine 


A recent study by the Spanish Society of Aesthetic Medicine (SEME) revealed the unstoppable rise of this discipline and its impact among younger generations.  

According to their results, what motivates patients to put themselves in their hands is the search for a natural and discreet beauty motivated by preventive health care. Precisely, the germ of the “SHA Method”. 


The work pointed out how the main “target” by age dropped to 26 years old. Nearly 60% of the users confessed their preference for facial treatments exclusively, while 20% opted for facial and body treatments indiscriminately.  


Dermal fillers and botulinum toxin are the star treatments, while the primary concern of the younger sectors is to fight cellulite and reduce body fat. For the older ones, their desires are focused on anti-ageing treatments. 


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