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Wednesday June 10th, 2015
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Summer comes and it’s difficult for many people to give up the desire to get a good tan. We know the dangers of exposing our skin or hair to sun,  but we aren’t aware that our eyes should also be protected from excessive solar radiation.


When we spend many hours outdoors and under the sun  so it’s easier for our eyes to be subjected excessive ultraviolet radiation. It can cause eye dryness, eye tumors or even cancer. Studies estimate that over 3 million people become blind every year because of this reason.


We present some recommendations by our Ophthalmologist specialist at SHA Wellness Clicnic, that will help you avoid many of the problems that affect the eyes during summer. It’s important to keep in mind that we have to protect our eyes from sunlight all year long.




  • Proper Eye Hygiene– Use eye drops and artificial tears regularly to prevent dryness produced by high temperatures. If you wear contact lenses keep them clean and remember not to use them longer than 10 hours.


  • Be careful with your sunglasses choice – Choose proper sunglasses is essential. Don’t be fooled by the color or price and be sure that your sunglasses can block 100% of UVA rays.


  • Dry eye syndrome – Prolonged use of air conditioning induces the so-called “dry eye syndrome” that causes decreased visual acuity or burning sensation. It’s important to keep the temperature between 21-26 degrees.


  • Be protected in the water –The water chlorine of some pools cause irritation that makes eyes more sensitive to solar radiation and induce them to many eye infections. Avoid swimming with them on and if so, do it with disposable single-use contact lenses.


  • Don’t look at the sun –Looking at the sun directly or with sunglasses can cause solar retinopathy. Don’t let the clouds fool you, the sun’s rays can easily pass through them. Use sunglasses whenever you find yourself outdoors or get a good hat. You will be fashionable while you are protecting your skin and eyes from the sun.


  • Eat well – Incorporate foods rich in omega-3, vitamins A, C and E and antioxidants such as berries, strawberries, carrots, and green leafy vegetables to help prevent the risk of certain eye diseases such as cataracts.


  • Avoid midday sun – Many people think that it’s faster tanning from 12-16 hours. However, those are the hours when the UV rays are strongest, most harmful, and it’s when we put our health at risk.


  • Rest – While we sleep, our eyes are responsible for getting rid of allergens, irritants like dust or smoke accumulated during the day. In those moments it’s when the eyes are lubricating, so this can be turned into something critical in people who suffer insomnia. Moreover, it’s also necessary for our eyes to have a minimum daily exposure to natural light to keep normal sleep cycles.


  • Protection indoors – With arrival of the summer many people want to tan faster using tanning booths, regardless  indoor tanning can cause the same damage as the sun causes in our skin and eyes. We recommend to use good glasses and sunscreen.



These advices, which can easily become habits, will contribute to eye care in summer. Practice them to fully enjoy this wonderful time of year!





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