Trastornos del sueño: ejercicio físico para dormir bien
Trastornos del sueño: ejercicio físico para dormir bien

Exercise for a better sleep

For SHA Wellness Clinic
Tuesday October 16th, 2012
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Many times, although we are tired, we have trouble sleeping and we don’t rest properly. The lack of sleep impairs our quality of life, reduces our productivity and concentration at work and increases the risk of physical and psychological problems. Therefore, a good rest is essential for our wellbeing, and a way to help us getting it is by practicing sports on daily basis.


Luis Ganso, one of our personal trainers, says that in cases of insomnia, what he looks for in students is to practice exercise that reactivates the energy in their metabolism by improving strength and resistance to increased the growth hormone and promote a better rest later. These exercises must always be adapted to the age and the specific problem of the person (one that suffers from stress related sleeping problems is not the same as one that cannot sleep due to apnea).


He also recommends activities such as yoga or pilates because they exercise the body while relaxing the mind, helping to eliminate the anxiety that is often the cause of sleep deprivation.

After the energetic sessions it is fundamental to stretch properly and to do some exercises that allow a final relaxation and will promote the recovery sleep. Moreover, it is always good to create a relaxing ritual to calm the mind before sleep and decrease the degree of activity that we often feel in our body after practicing sport. A hot bath, a pleasant reading or just good background music before going to bed can help us to sleep substantially.


If you still feel you cannot sleep, the counting sheep trick works only if you do it with deep breaths, feeling swollen abdomen and lungs and releasing tension in the exhalations.

Hope these tips help you to have a recovery sleep!


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