Enjoy a merry and very healthy Christmas at SHA

For SHA Wellness Clinic
Thursday December 2nd, 2021
Health & Beauty
Live music, film sessions, special menus, and many other surprises to celebrate this festive season in a healthy and conscious way.


The global health crisis that we have been living for almost two years has changed our priorities and has made us see the life in a different way. Everything we once took for granted and perceived as routine, such as a family dinner, a meal with friends, a weekend getaway, a theatre date or a simple hug, are now extraordinary situations. Perhaps the only positive aspect of the pandemic is that it has made us more aware of the importance of taking care of our health every day and not only when we are sick. Because being healthy does not just mean the absence of illness, but enjoying an optimal state of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being at any age. In one word: balance.

That is why, this Christmas, SHA Wellness Clinic offers you the best gift you can give yourself and your loved ones: health. For this, and in addition to our packs and programmes focused on taking care of yourself and relaxing, we have prepared a series of activities, film sessions, healthy cooking classes, live music and special menus for you to enjoy an unforgettable Christmas. We will bid farewell to the year with a gala dinner at the SHAmadi restaurant, where we will eat our lucky grapes and celebrate the arrival of 2022. And all this in the idyllic setting of the Sierra Helada Natural Park and with a mild temperature of around 18º C, which will allow you to visit the wonderful sea and mountain environment. As a couple, with your family or with friends, as you wish.

So, instead of starting January as usual, that is, with a couple of extra kilos, with accumulated sleep, with your physical activity routine forgotten and with an excess of alcohol and sugar in your body, you will start 2022 being the best version of yourself. Because at SHA, 31 December is not the end of anything, but the beginning of everything. As the legendary Chinese philosopher Lao-Tse said, “when I cease to be what I am, I become what I could be“. Are you ready to say goodbye to the person you are and welcome your new and very healthy self?


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