Employee of the Month: May 2013
Employee of the Month: May 2013

Employee of the Month: May 2013

For SHA Wellness Clinic
Thursday June 20th, 2013

As many of you may know, in SHA Wellness Clinic we have the good habit of highlighting the talent and the work of a member of the SHA team each month by a vote conducted among all departments and colleagues (and we are almost 200!). The “Employee of the Month” is a way not only to recognize the work, effort and dedication of a specific person but also for interaction between all colleagues. You can see all the employees of the month of 2013 in our Facebook album.

This past May, the elected was Marina Martin, one of the girls on Wellness & Clinic Area reception, in charge of caring for our guests before their consultations and treatments. Would you like to know more about her?

employees of the month 2013

Marina Martin is 25 and she is from Elda (Alicante). She studied Tourism at the University of Alicante and went to Stavanger (Norway) in a Erasmus scholarship. She has very good English and speaks some French and, before coming to SHA, she worked at a luxury spa hotel in London (United Kingdom). Although she has only been working working on SHA for four months, she has been fully integrated into the SHA team and has been elected as employee of the month of May. Marina is delighted to answer us these questions:

What is human difference between SHA Wellness Clinic and other centers that you know?

From the first day I realized that this team was different. Not only in the Department of Wellness, where I was welcomed with open arms, but in other departments who cared to know me when they see I was new at the team. Since I arrived, everyone has treated me very well and have sought to integrate me and make me feel good.

How would you describe your team?

In the Wellness area we work really well together and we always help each other. Help ourselves is like an unwritten rule. We have very good atmosphere in the team and that is appreciated, especially because as we spent so many hours together, even more than with our families, to get along with your co-workers is essential.

Tell us the last experience in which you laughed at your job.

Though being in the public eye we must keep up appearances, there’s always time for a joke or anecdote… I can proudly say that I laugh daily at work. It is not the last but I remember fondly the day we entered the staff dining room and our bosses were serving the food to all the team… it was hilarious.

SHA Team work

Why would you recommend SHA Wellness Clinic to work?

In addition to the great team, I recommend SHA because it is a place with a unique concept that you can learn many things from to keep a healthy lifestyle. For example, cooking classes for employees who do become very useful, or the chance to meet interesting people as the Buddhist monk Bhante Kondanna. On the other hand, work in a place with such a high level and working in helping to improve people’s life is a real pride. I remember years ago reading a magazine when I saw a story on SHA and asked me if I ever could get to work in a place like this.

What tricks do you have for a new addition in your area?

Have patience, willingness to work and interest in the concept. SHA is not a normal hotel, SHA is much more and you have to engage in order to understand how it works and give it your best at your job.

How do you feel when guests appreciate your work?

It is a joy, a pride… But when they do not like something it also affects me. Our effort and dedication are reflected on guests comments and therefore the work involvement is essential.

Thank you, Marina! And congratulations for being employee of the month!

If you are looking for a job and you would like to work at SHA Wellness Clinic, please check our current offers at our Turijobs profile.

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