Early Detection with Live Blood Analysis

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Friday February 22nd, 2019
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SHA Wellness Clinic’s Unit of Revitalising Medicine, led by Dr.Rosario García, relies on preventive medicine as an early detection tool for potential health problems and their future development. A weakened body shows signs of illness in its early stages; thanks to the Live Blood Analysis, it is possible to discover the origin of the disease, which typically go unnoticed in standard blood tests.

Live Blood Analysis is a painless test which requires the extraction of a single drop of blood from a  patient´s finger. By analysing the movement, morphology and function of the living cells, as well as its interrelation with the others, the characteristics of the plasma and the accumulated toxins, the doctor can easily and immediately determine the biology of the patient. These aspects are essential to determine cellular disorders which often cause chronic or degenerative diseases – all within real time.

A digital camera located in the microscope sends an image of the blood droplet to a larger screen, allowing the doctor to identify important factors such as toxicity, levels of cellular oxygenation, the activity and viability of the immune system, the quality of the transportation of nutrients and the state of cellular oxidation and cellular ageing – or the velocity of the patient’s ageing and the effect of stress on the cells.

Confirming the importance of preventative medicine and early detection practices, Dr. Rosario Garcia, Head of the Revitalising Medicine Unit at SHA, explains:  “Live Blood Analysis constitutes a strong progression within preventive medicine, as it allows us to easily detect risk factors and early alterations within a patient’s body. This then allows us to implement adequate measures to prevent potential risks to their future health.”

Emerging as a powerful tool thanks to the relevant information it communicates about the health of the patient, Live Blood Analysis allows the doctor to opt for the most accurate treatment to optimise care.

SHA Wellness Clinic recommends frequent Live Blood analysis tests to analyse the evolution of chronic processes, as well as to assess the effectiveness of the treatments applied.


Estimated time of consultation: 30 min. There is no need for fasting or pre-preparation.


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