Do you know what to eat in the office?

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Tuesday June 6th, 2017
Healthy nutrition

Eating healthily is a goal that virtually everyone wants to achieve. It does not seem too difficult, but with the frenetic rhythm of today’s life and the little free time we have, it sometimes seems an impossible task to perform.

We spend almost three quarters of the day in the office or travelling the obligatory journeys to and from work. When we get home, we are tired and we just feel like sitting on the couch to rest calmly. Faced with this scenario, we ask ourselves the big question: How can we eat healthily at work?

How to eat healthily in the office

Eating healthily is possible without spending hours preparing menus and without starving ourselves.

The first thing to do is to carefully consider the needs of our body depending on our pace of life. The same energy input is not required by a senior executive who spends his day running around and who has to put up with a lot of pressure as a person who works for eight hours sitting in front of a computer. That is why we must think about how much energy we burn throughout the day before we start thinking about what to eat in the office.

Planning will be our great ally when it comes to healthy cooking and not falling into temptations such as fast food or restaurant eating every day. It is advisable to prepare a weekly menu that serves as the basis for the rest of the month, in which we distribute the different groups of food necessary throughout the days of the week, but leaving it open to variants so that it does not become boring and repetitive.

For example, if we have decided that on Monday we will eat legumes, we will write down “legumes”. Afterwards, we will establish the different variants for each week: one could be a cold lentil salad, one a sauté of chickpeas with vegetables and another a pea purée.

How to prepare the menus quickly and easily

We have already established that we have a great lack of time to cook. So we must choose culinary techniques that allow us to obtain good results in a short space of time. We must steer clear of excessively elaborate dishes, since we will make them one day but then tiredness will take over and we will not cook for the rest of the week.

A good diet at work should be varied and appetising to make it last.

We can resort to products such as rice cups that are cooked in one minute in the microwave, and to natural preserves like cans of legumes or cooked vegetables or canned fish.

The main dish will always be accompanied by a side dish that provides the rest of the nutrients needed in that meal.

We will give three examples of easy and quick meals that can serve as a basis:

  • Beef burger accompanied by a cup of wild rice and green beans with olive oil.
  • Couscous salad with canned sardines, olives and fresh tomato.
  • Lentil salad with raisins, tomato, cucumber and onion.

To eat well you just need to get organised and use a little imagination. The possibilities are endless, but don’t leave it to improvisation or tiredness will be your worst enemy.


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