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Do you know Bikram Yoga?

For SHA Wellness Clinic
Monday October 26th, 2015
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Bikram yoga is a type of yoga with a similar history than the Pilates method as both systems have created a new technique that provides many benefits to millions of people around the world. Bikram Choudhury, from a serious injury, decided to create his own system of 26 postures that completely rehabilitated him.

It’s about a system that combines Eastern and Western medicines. A training programme that lasts 90 minutes and combines 26 postures (asanas) with breathing exercises in a room at 40ºC  temperature. Each posture treats different body systems including respiratory, digestive, circulatory, nervous… The exercises range from balancing and breathing postures to stretching.



  • Improves body position.
  • Increases flexibility and the spine strength.
  • Reduces anxiety and stress.
  • Helps eliminate toxins.
  • Promotes weight loss.
  • Decreases the risk of injuries.
  • Reduces headaches and back pain.
  • Increases vitality and energy.
  • Delays the aging process.
  • Strengthens muscles and keeps joints fit.
  • Increases blood circulation.
  • Helps with sleep problems.
  • Stimulates the inmune system.
  • Provides high levels of wellness.

Who can practice it?

Bikram yoga is made for those who want to improve their health and wellbeing. No matter the fitness level because the postures are designed for beginners as for advanced levels. So it doesn’t need any previous knowledge.



Being well hydrated before and after the class is crucial due to high temperatures.

It is also important not to eat for at least an hour before the class, to use light clothes that help making the exercises in the best possible way and to use a towel and yoga mat.

If you continue with the practice of Bikram yoga, little by little your body will adapt to the high temperature levels, you will see how your body progress and feel more balanced and restored.


Now that you know all the benefits of Bikram yoga for health, we encourage you to sweat the shirt!


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