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Tuesday June 9th, 2015
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Medicinal plants are a natural and simple way to remove impurities from our body and prevent fluid retention that often causes a feeling of increased volume from the accumulation of water in some parts of the body.


There are many diuretic plants for fluid retention that stimulate renal functioning. These are the most effective:


  • Dandelion
  • Juniper
  • Espino
  • Ponytail
  • Algarrobo
  • Radish
  • Green Nettle
  • Green tea
  • Berro
  • Boldo
  • Birch
  • Parsley
  • Corn Silk
  • Tilo
  • Nettle
  • Ginger
  • Bearberry
  • Bugleweed


You can consume them in infusions or as pills at natural stores.


diuretic plants for fluid retention






We present some healthy habits that will also help you eliminate fluids from your body:


  • Eliminate salt – To end fluid retention in our body it’s necessary to follow a low sodium diet, so it’s advisable to avoid foods that contains it such as processed, canned or preserved foods, soft drinks and alcohol. You can replace it with herbs or spices in your meals.


  • Increase the consumption of seasonal fruits and vegetables because these provide high levels of nutrients and water.


  • Drink at least 2 liters of water a day – if it’s difficult for you, drink it as a tea or adding some lemon juice to make it more enjoyable.


  • Move on – Perform activities to promote blood circulation. You can walk, dance or cycle.


  • Rest – It’s shown that rest is essential for retention. If you don’t sleep the necessary hours it can contribute to swelling your legs, abdomen, ankles and hands.


  • Don’t use tight clothing or footwear.


  • If your work activity forces you to sit down for a long time, get some time to stretch your legs and take a walk around the room from time to time.


  • Avoid food rich in sugar.


  • Reduce the intake of medication and replace it with natural remedies.



We hope these tips help you reduce these discomforts associated with fluid retention. Remember it’s important to lead a healthy life and consult your doctor regularly, to enjoy your life fully.


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