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For SHA Wellness Clinic
Wednesday January 20th, 2016

What is SoulCycle?


SoulCycle is the new revolutionary trend in the fitness world. It is a particular cycling classe specially created to completely exercise our body and mind, listening to a perfect timed music playlist and the instructor’s encouragement. It all fills the place and the rider’s souls.


SoulCycle was created in United States in 2007 by a fitness chain and it is practiced today in more than 38 centres placed in New York, California, Chicago, TheHamptons… and has recently arrived at London as ‘Psycle’.


It consists of 45 minutes of intense fat-burning cardio and full-body work out with hand weights and corework, performed in a dark room only lighted with candles and loud and energetic music, from the latest pop hits to classic rock.

Also, classes require special shoes and static bikes designed for this activity.


What are the benefit of SoulCycle?




What makes SoulCycling different?


Its founders considered SoulCycle a re-invented spinning exercise in which riders exercise not only their bodies and burn calories but also clear their minds and empower themselves.


The dark atmosphere and candle lights favour relaxation and the stimulating music combine with the coach’s motivational messages to create an environment of intensive, positive and powerful training for both body and mind.


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