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Monday December 1st, 2014
Healthy nutrition

We created a whole weekly menu with dinners to help you sleep based on macrobiotics. Sometimes, difficulties to fall asleep  or even to rest well during the night have lots to do with nutrition. Not only what we are having, but also de time we are having it. Apart from not having abundant dinners, it’s important to bring the time forward . It may be difficult due to the busy life we have, office timetables and so, but it is worth it to try and experiment the amazing change that our sleep.


  • A relaxing pumpkin cream made only by onions and pumpkin, seasoned with miso and orange zest. Serve it with a small bowl of quinoa with toasted sesame and sunflower seeds.



  • A comforting millet soup with sweet vegetables like onion, carrot, cabbage and diced tofu. It will help you prepare for a restful sleep.




  • You can prepare a relaxing Nishime with carrots, pumpkin, onions and cabbage with a cinnamon stick. Just put some water in a large pot, a few pieces of kombu seaweed in the background, and place in the vegetables mentioned, without mixing each other. Leave it for a while on low heat. Ideal to keep warm during this time of year and to relax.


  • A delicious cauliflower soup with pumpkin seeds and dressed with umeboshi paste, accompanied by polenta omelette with beet paté.


  • A good piece of roasted pumpkin cooked in the oven to end the week, accompanied by rice burger with leek, which will make you feel a deep sense of relaxation and comfort.

Calabaza esopeciada ak horno (2)

For dessert or if you are still hungry, I propose two options to add to previous courses: Stewed apples and chesnuts,  or hot apple juice with kuzu.


We encourage you to follow this diet for a week and also to try to have dinner a bit earlier each day. You’ll see how great you feel, sleep and how your wellness grows considerably.

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