Digestive health: when prevention is essential

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Tuesday March 23rd, 2021
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Digestive health is central when it comes to enjoying a high degree of wellbeing, something that can only be achieved through prevention. That is why it health education and learning good habits from a young age is so important.

Although it is true that intestinal problems become more frequent over the years, particularly after the age of 55, there are more and more children and adolescents with digestive difficulties, issues that run the risk of becoming chronic.

It is estimated that around 15% of children and young people in developed countries suffer from digestive disorders. “It is important to educate children in correct nutritional and health habits because this will determine to a large extent their digestive health and their general health in childhood and adulthood”, explains Dr. Ámina Alani, digestive health expert at SHA Wellness Clinic.


A balanced diet rich in fruit, vegetables, pulses and cereals

Obviously, needs differ according to age and stages of growth. “Thus, in early childhood it is very important to consider breastfeeding, as it produces the body’s first microbiota that provide the right nutrients in the right proportions”, stresses Dr. Amina Alani.

As they grow, children should eat a balanced and varied diet, rich in vegetables and fruit, legumes, seeds and cereals. A correct intake of healthy fats with unrefined vegetable oils, mainly extra virgin olive oil, and adequate protein intake is also essential.

“A diet higher in calories, rich in refined cereals or high-fat milk is related to a lower diversity in the microbiota and obesity. And the consumption of sugary fizzy drinks also has negative effects on the microorganisms in the gut”, explains the SHA Wellness Clinic expert.

Similarly, physical exercise and sport are also among the healthy habits that should be acquired from an early age are. As, of course, is ensuring the best rest at the end of the day.


Avoiding excess weight and having good emotional health

It is essential that parents help their children to avoid becoming overweight, something that affects 30% of children and adolescents, percentages that continue to increase every year as a result of an inadequate diet and a sedentary lifestyle. “Obesity itself generates intestinal dysbiosis, as well as many other health problems”, says Dr. Amina Alani.

It is also especially important for children to learn how to manage stress because this will ensure proper emotional health in childhood and adulthood. “If we take into account that the brain and the intestine are closely connected and interrelated, emotional stability is largely equivalent to digestive stability”, continues the SHA Wellness Clinic expert.


Digestive Health Focused Pack at SHA Wellness Clinic

Aware of the importance of taking care of your intestinal health at every stage of life, SHA Wellness Clinic has designed the Digestive Health Focused Pack, one of the most complete treatments available in terms of prevention and care.

The aim of this health programme is to restore the balance and proper functioning of the intestinal tract to the extent possible. This is achieved by holistically addressing and improving the state of the microbiota and the immune system.

The Digestive Health Focused Pack is designed for people of all ages who suffer from intestinal disorders, problems or diseases in general, as well as chronic pathologies, autoimmune diseases, allergies and even mood disorders. All these symptoms can indicate the existence of inadequate digestive health.

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