Different ways to Sweeten without Sugar (Part II)

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Tuesday February 17th, 2015
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We already shared some different ways to sweeten without sugar last week and today we’d like to share the rest of them:

Natural Unprocessed Nut butters

Celery sticks with peanut butter is an old fashioned snack that has lots of nutrients and a perfect salty, sweet combination. Celery helps to keep blood sugar levels even and gives volume and crunch to the peanut butter. Or if you prefer, chose apples slices instead of celery. Add a spoon of almond butter to a cup of fresh or frozen berries and 1/4 cup of almond milk, and blend to create a delicious, creamy, ice-cream alternative. No cream or sugar needed!


 peanut butter

Non Dairy Milks

Oat, rice, and almond milk provide a mild and natural sweetness to dishes. Make sure to buy sugar free or those only sweetened with rice syrup. The sweet tasting oil of almonds can make your taste buds think that sugar is present. Add non dairy milks to grain coffee, teas, porridge, smoothies and puddings. You will find you use far less sweetener.

Sea Salt

This might sound counterintuitive but a little salt can enhance the natural sweet taste in many ingredients and dishes. It can also suppress a bitter taste. A teeny pinch of salt works really well with fresh fruit, and in smoothies.


Berries are a lovely, healthy way to sweeten up smoothiestartspies, and muffins without any added sweetener. You can also puree frozen berries to make simple sorbet for hot summer days. Crushed berries with a little rice syrup make a lovely light jam to serve with sprouted bread.





Unsweetened applesauce is the perfect ingredient for cutting fat and sugar out of recipes. Muffins, cookies, cakes, brownies, and homemade bars all taste amazing with applesauce. You may need to reduce the liquids a little and bake them for a few minutes more but you can substitute 1:1 applesauce with sugar. Grated whole apples can also work. Try some in your whole-wheat pancakes. Use the whole unpeeled apple as many nutrients are stored in the skin. Applesauce can be used as a jam substitute too. Spread a rice cake with almond butter, top with apple sauce and a generous dash of cinnamon for a quick and healthy snack. Or skip the rice cake and warm the applesauce with the almond butter and cinnamon for a simple pudding.

Rice Syrup

This mild sweetener comes from culturing cooked rice with enzymes (usually from dried barley sprouts) to break down the starches and create a thick, sweet syrup. It can be used instead of sugar to sweeten all kinds of desserts and teas.


 This is a lovely, sweet pudding or drink that is made from fermented sweet rice. Can be used in puddings and smoothies too.

 Herbal teas

Sometimes we think we are hungry but we actually need of fluids instead. Before reaching for a snack, try having something to drink. Sip on gently sweet herbal teas such as rooibos, mint, cardamom/cinnamon, chamomile or licorice. You can even add a touch of powdered licorice to your baked desserts for that extra hint of sweet.

A few extras

Use Fermented foods

Fermented foods can help to stop strong sweet cravings. Make sure to have some daily such as sauerkraut, miso soup, or home made pickles as they are rich in enzymes, good bacteria, and help the digestive process.

Brush teeth

Peppermint taste tends to curb cravings for sweets so try brushing your teeth when the feeling arises.

Increase the Sweetness in Life

Often we are looking for something that cannot be satisfied by food. Instead, enjoy the sweetness in life. Look for things that can nourish and sooth the soul. Walking in nature, lighting candles, listening to peaceful music, watching funny movies, spending time with friends, simple meditation techniques or doing something creative.

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