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Thursday February 14th, 2019
Healthy nutrition

Lola García - Nutritional Expert
Lola García - Nutritional Expert

The Nutritional Expert at SHA Wellness Clinic, Lola García, shares some tips to increase energy levels and avoid to feel exhausted during the day.

Whenever we think about a question, we have to analyze both sides of the coin. In this case, when we’re wondering which foods help us have more energy, we can also consider which foods drain us of energy.

If the goal is to feel better and avoid feeling foggy, to wake up in the morning and think “today I’m going to conquer the world”, we’re going to give you some recommendations that will help you when it comes to achieving your goal.

If you’re waking up tired right now, and the first thing you need when you open your eyes is some coffee, ask yourself what you’re doing that could lead to this. On the one hand, it’s really important that you stick to the rule of thirds, which is that you dedicate a third of your day to work, another third to rest, and last but not least, a third to your personal life, to social relationships, to exercise…whatever it is that makes you feel good, alive, and full of energy. I’m going to talk about the part related to your diet that’s part of this complex equation, as that’s my specialty, but you should create a daily outline of your activities and see where there might be an imbalance that’s causing a problem.

Eating isn’t synonymous with nutrition, and without nutrients, you won’t have any. Eating too much fast food, stimulants like coffee, ready meals, and sandwiches in front of your computer while you work will drain your vital resources. Staying awake in the afternoon becomes a game of juggling cups of espresso and refined sugars, in the form of cookies or chocolate. Our proposal to have stable, long-lasting energy levels throughout the day, being able to think clearly, and to avoid eating processed food is to leave your house well-prepared. To do so, you need to eat a good breakfast rich in complex carbohydrates that provide your body with glucose (the main energy source for humans). A good whole wheat porridge is a good option, and you can find a recipe for one in shamagazine. Over the course of the day, with small snacks, you can add dried fruit and nuts or apple or pear compotes. And for the rest of the day? Well, what we have to do, to stay healthy and have lots of energy, is to go back to the way our grandparents cooked. In Spain, that includes lots of vegetable (especially root vegetables in winter) and salads if the weather allows, as well as delicious legumes. If you avoid using meats and an excess of oil, you’ll see how a vegetable stew, maybe with a bit of fish, will help you feel like new.

Changing your diet, with a focus on increasing whole natural ingredients, not processed foods, that are locally-grown, and avoiding foods high in refined sugar, saturated fats, trans fats, and added fats, will help you have more energy in just two to three weeks.

If you need a hot, energizing drink for the mornings without caffeine, try Mu tea. It’s absolutely delicious!

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