Detoxing: a solution for better digestive health

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Thursday March 25th, 2021
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Good digestive health depends on many factors, and one of the most important is detoxification.

Detoxification is nothing more than cleansing the body of toxic substances. While the body can eliminate these harmful substances on its own, it is not always able to do so effectively, particularly if we do not support it with healthy habits, and that is when health problems, including digestive problems, start to happen.

The body generates waste products through physiological catabolic processes, also in response to the activation of the immune system due to pathological processes and other physiological conditions. “All these substances end up entering the body, mainly deposited in fatty tissues, which can cause disruptions in the endocrine system or metabolic and autoimmune disorders, among others”, explains Dr. Ámina Alani, digestive health expert at SHA Wellness Clinic.


What should you do when your body cannot eliminate toxins?

The body has the natural capacity to neutralise and eliminate these toxins through physical and chemical reactions, reducing their toxicity and making them water-soluble so that they can be more easily elimination.

We have large detoxifying organs, such as the liver, intestine, lungs, kidneys and skin. “But with an excess of toxins, it is possible that this function cannot be carried out properly. This is why we must support these organs through tools that favour and facilitate the detoxification processes by using therapies and treatments, nutritional plans and specific habits”, explains Dr. Ámina Alani.

But there are also multiple external factors that lead to the body’s production of toxins when it comes to metabolising certain substances. These include toxins from pesticides, fertilisers and animal feed used in the food industry.

On top of all these are the medicines we chronically consume and cosmetics which, even in small quantities, contain toxins (such as the ammonia in hair dyes, the lead in lipsticks and the aluminium in deodorants) and lead to the accumulation of heavy metals. “And, of course, there are also environmental toxins, to which we are exposed indirectly through pollution or cleaning products, among others”, says the SHA Wellness Clinic expert.


Intravenous hepatic detox, a cutting-edge therapy

In order to promote a better intestinal health through either prevention or treatment, SHA Wellness Clinic has designed the Digestive Health Focused Pack, which proposes cutting-edge therapies through the personalisation of each treatment.

One of these therapies is the intravenous hepatic detox, a process applied in preventive and corrective medicine that essentially involves neutralising and expelling toxins from the body through an intravenous injection of specific nutrients with the aim of correcting nutritional disorders.

It is a process at a cellular level that stimulates the body to activate its own natural healing system. It frees the body from harmful substances, restores vitality and improves general health.

It is important to keep in mind that these high levels of toxins can not only affect our digestive health but can also manifest themselves through symptoms as varied as chronic fatigue, skin issues, sleep disorders and various chronic ailments and pathologies.

Intravenous liver detox is a highly safe therapy with excellent sustained results over time. It helps to cleanse organs including the liver, kidneys, lungs and digestive tract.


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