Detox diet: prepare your body for Christmas
Detox diet: prepare your body for Christmas

Detox diet: prepare your body for Christmas

For SHA Wellness Clinic
Tuesday November 20th, 2012
Healthy nutrition

Christmas holidays are coming and from SHA Method we are ready to help you overcome them without falling into the excesses with our tips and recipes. Today, we give you some preliminary recommendations to prepare and purify your body for those holidays where most of us eat more and worse than we should. Although our body has its own purifying system (liver, kidneys, lungs, intestines …), there are some times our body needs extra help to eliminate toxins and accumulated waste.

Normally, we are used to remedy the accumulation of toxins and excess afterwards (how many diets begin in January) but, nevertheless, we can anticipate and follow certain guidelines to help us improve the performance of our previously depurative organs as liver or kidneys to make sure your body is ready for Christmas and not be forced to appeal to more drastic solutions that may not be appropriate for our body.

A good first step is to start the day with a glass of warm water with half a lemon squeezed, as it is a safe and simple method that helps to stimulate and cleanse our liver.

The lemon water is essential in a detox diet
In addition, we can incorporate more vegetables in our diet, both cooked and raw, as this will help digestion. Some of them such as artichokes, asparagus, celery or daikon are especially purifying. The miso soup, for example, helps clean the blood system and tones the digestion because it replaces the necessary enzymes and bacteria.

The artichoke is a great ally in the detox diet: it debugs

For kidneys, our nutrition experts recommend reducing the use of salt in our kitchen, especially raw salt, and avoid convenience foods, sugars, and so on.

As an addition to our diet, we can also make some changes in our lifestyle to help us detox our body. Go to the sauna occasionally, submit to a lymphatic drainage massage… or follow such simple habits like chewing at least 20 times each bite or sleep enough and well can help us detoxify more efficiently.

Sauna, a complimentary activity to the detox diet

As you see, these are simple steps that can be done without too much trouble and they will allow you to enjoy Christmas with less pressure. However, this does not mean that you can be allow yourself commit excesses as it is best to care for us always, although we can permit ourselves some whims. That’s why we will soon publish a post about healthy holiday menus to help you better plan your Christmas.

And you, do you have any tricks to depurate your body you want to share?

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