Crumble carrot cake with coconut cream

For SHA Wellness Clinic
Thursday February 18th, 2021
Healthy nutrition

Enjoy this delicious treat with no regrets, a fantastic dessert from our healthy pastry team!




300 gr. grated carrot
150 gr. Soya yoghurt
135 gr. Corn flour
85 gr. Rice flour
250 gr. Agave syrup
12 gr. Kuzu
12 gr. baking soda
Ginger juice
Lemon zest
Cinnamon powder
Sunflower oil

Ingredients for the coconut cream:
250ml coconut cream
Orange zest
Cinnamon stick

Ingredients for the carrot, pepper and turmeric balls:
200 gr. of carrots – make the balls with a melon baller
100ml apple juice with no sugar
Black pepper


Clean and grate the carrot.
Place all the ingredients of the cake in a bowl and blend until you get a homogeneous dough.
Pour into a baking tin and bake at 160ºC for 25 minutes.
Meanwhile, dissolve the kuzu in cold water and incorporate all the ingredients of the creamy coconut in a casserole and cook, stirring continuously to dissolve the Agar-Agar.
When it comes boiling, strain it, serve it directly on the plates and leave it to cool.
Meanwhile, in a small pot or frying pan, cook the carrot balls until the apple concentrate is caramelised.

On top of the creamy coconut already cold and with a gelatinous texture, crumble the carrot cake and place 3 or 4 decorative balls and sprinkle the caramel on top.
If desired, decorate with green sprouts, edible petals or fennel twigs.


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