Cooking habits that favor vitamin loss
Cooking habits that favor vitamin loss

Cooking habits that favor vitamin loss

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Tuesday August 20th, 2013
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How to cook to preserve vitamins in food

After talking about the importance of taking vitamin supplements on the advice of an expert in nutrition, about bad habits that cause lack of vitamin and about how to store food to keep its vitamins, today we closed our vitamins special with tips on how to cook fruits and vegetables to preserve their vitamins, minerals and nutrients.

cooking to preserve vitamins
Vitamin loss when cooking

Although we take the recommended amount of vegetables, fruits and legumes to get the vitamins and nutrients needed as part of our healthy diet, how to cook vegetables is essential to ensure adequate absorption of vitamins. For example, cooking vegetables with too much water or high temperature favors the loss of vitamins. Moreover, if we take the vegetables to cook when the water is still cold they will also lose vitamins; the best is to put them once the water is boiling.

3 ways to cook to preserve vitamins in food
  • Prepare stews with little water and over low heat. Cooking at low temperatures, in addition to preserving more vitamins and nutrients of vegetables and fruits, greatly enhances the flavor of food.
  • Use often blanched in boiling water, in less than 1 minute we can have our vegetables ready for consumption with a crispy point and with many more vitamins. Better if we do not add salt to the water, because salt makes vitamins disappear more easily.
  • Cooking quick stir fry over high heat. This will seal the walls of the vegetables to avoid loss of nutrients. If vegetables stab trimmed, it only takes a couple of minutes to have them ready. You must use the minimum oil possible and always trying to be organic and of the highest quality. It also can be replaced by naturally fermented soy sauce as in a a wok.

Any other tip so that food vitamins are not lost?

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