How to return to work post-holiday with your batteries recharged

For SHA Wellness Clinic
Friday September 3rd, 2021
The transition from holidays back to the office can be a difficult one. Here’s how to make it easier.

Returning to work is easy for all those lucky enough to be passionate about their profession. But for everyone else, going back to work post-holiday can be a real challenge. To help relieve the listlessness, laziness, lack of concentration, and fatigue that many feel on their first day at the office after the summer holidays, we asked Amalia Rubio, head of the SHA Wellness Clinic Energy Unit, for advice.“When days off come to an end, resuming routine tasks can be a challenge. A positive attitude is essential for making the transition between holiday freedom and work responsibilities and obligations easier. Focusing on the present and stop thinking about the past is crucial. Be thankful that you were able to enjoy it and celebrate the fun you had, but also be thankful that you have a job”, says the expert.

Pushing your holidays to the very last second isn’t a good idea because the sudden switch in lifestyles can make the adaptation process more difficult. This is why Amalia recommends “coming back from your holiday a couple of days before starting work so that you can gradually organise your schedule and routines: get up early, but take it easy, unpack your suitcase, fill the fridge and tidy up your home so that you can slowly get back into the swing of things. We also highly recommend going back to eating a healthy, balanced diet and to get good sleep as you leave behind the summer indulgences and the irregular holiday schedule”.


The alarm clock rings

Although this is something we should do regularly, “get up a little earlier on the first day back at work so you can have a calm, unrushed breakfast, and then spend a few minutes stretching and breathing consciously to connect with your body and yourself before connecting with the rest of the world”, recommends the expert. “Try to get to the office early to start off more relaxed and take as many breaks as you need so you don’t run out of steam or get exhausted, chat with colleagues to find out what happened while you were away, and, very importantly, prioritise.

For example, you probably have thousands of unread emails and you won’t be able to answer them all on the first day, so start with the most urgent ones and leave the rest for later. Also, it’s  good to plan leisure activities at the end of the working day so you don’t go straight home from work: meet up with your family or friends to catch up, go for a walk or get some exercise”.





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