Christmas stress – Causes and recommendation to fight it

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Thursday December 3rd, 2015
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Christmas is approaching and all the good and the bad things it has to bring. Many people wait for it with excitement and enjoy it with no conditions, but for other people is a time for stress and anxiety.

We think Christmas should be a time to enjoy so we studied the causes that may people feel Christmas Stress and present some recommendations to make this some happy and balanced Christmas.


Buying Presents

A never-ending list of people to give, many shops and lots of people on the street. Does it sound familiar? If buying presents is the main cause of your Christmas Stress we have to infallible tips for you:

  • Don’t wait until the very last moment to buy. Plan what you want to buy for each person in advance.
  • Avoid crowds and queues (both stress involved) buying online.


Feeling obliged

Having a tight schedule is not to everyone’s taste dish at Christmas, when more plans than usual arise. If we add that most of these plans are with family or work obligations the stress gets even worse.

Think positive, put limits and do not try to achieve all plans.


Leaving your routine habits

Timetable changes, food habits change… you barely have time to make some sports.
It’s completely normal that you eat more than usual or things that you don’t usually eat. It’s a special occasion, be flexible and don’t feel guilty. Although you should be able to find the time to practice some exercise, even if it is not in your regular time or place.


New Year’s Eve

For some people 31st December night is really important and they try to make it truly special.
Don’t allow it to become a problem. Not having the perfect plan or a partner to celebrate doesn’t mean it can be a great night. It will be as special as you make it.


Extra expenses

Presents, parties, dinners… Christmas time could be quite expensive and this make some people feel anxiety for spending too much without control.
To fight this stress modality, it is better to plan a budget with the money you would like/you can spend and think how much to spend in presents, how much to go out for dinner… You can of course be flexible but this will help you have your money under control and feel more relaxed.


Dinner at home

What to prepare? How to decorate? If this year is you turn to prepare the Christmas meal take it easy and ask for help if necessary. There are hundreds of blogs with easy Christmas recipes and decoration. Have a look to this menu we prepared last Christmas.



There are many people that have to travel to spend the holidays in a different place. If flying makes you feel stressed or simply traveling increases your anxiety levels, we can help you at Esenza by SHA to a have a more pleasant journey.


If even none of these tips can help you fight Christmas stress, you can always thinks of spending a totally different holiday. Disconnecting completely and receiving the New Year in a quite, gentle environment that makes you recover balance with no need to be surrounded by friends or family. You could enjoy, on your own or accompanied of some incomparable relaxing days at SHA.


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