Christmas Activities at SHA Life Learning Program
Christmas Activities at SHA Life Learning Program

Christmas Activities at SHA Life Learning Program

For SHA Wellness Clinic
Tuesday December 18th, 2012

Learning how to take better care at Christmas, cooking healthy attractive menus or making Christmas desserts without sugar are just some of the activities of SHA for these Christmas.

Christmas Activities

As many of you already know, in SHA we offer our guests a full weekly schedule of group activities where you can participate and learn how to follow a healthy lifestyle. Talks and lectures, outdoor walks, healthy cooking classes, sports lessons in our Fitness Area, Tai Chi, Yoga, etc. are included in what we call the SHA Life Learning Program.

We have prepared a series of activities for Christmas with a more festive and special touch. For example, healthy cooking classes are geared to prepare more elaborate dishes and menus to surprise our guests without giving up on our health, we dedicate a weekly class to cook Christmas cookies without sugar or refined flour, and we give another class to prepare healthy snacks as vegetable tempura or miso gazpacho.

Taste healthy food as a Christmas activity: vegetable tempura

In addition to this, our expert on healthy nutrition and natural therapies Kenneth Prange gives our guests his own recipe of his Christmas version for the essential miso soup.

Moreover, among the Christmas activities you will find some special talks at the SHA club. These are particularly focus to help you  to prevent and avoid the possible abuses of these special dates and even cleanse our body once completed, for example, learning the many uses and benefits of ginger compresses for the whole family.

Also, our Fitness Area team has prepared some special classes for specific purposes such as energy recovery or fat burning to help us to prepare our bodies for the festivities and feel more vital.

What do you think about our activities for Christmas? Would you like to participate?


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