"Do it yourself" Christams gifts

“Do it yourself” Christmas gifts

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Wednesday December 17th, 2014
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Christmas is coming and so does the stress  generated by Christmas gifts. We make us questions such as: what can I buy for my sister? and for my aunt? will she like it? We can’t forget there’s an economic crisis that affects us, and sometimes we spend too much money on Christmas gifts. Therefore we propose “Do it yourself ” Christmas gifts. Here are some of our ideas. Think who may like these gifts and start crafting!


Vintage Bookends

Surely you have at home the classical old telephones in different colors. Take a metal piece and paint it with metallic painting. Make two holes in the ends of the metallic piece. Insert a screw in both holes. Take two pipes of different colors and cut the cables. Put over the metallic piece the books that you want to give as a gift. Insert the pipes in the screws of the metallic piece and stick them to the books. As a result you will have an ideal vintage library. Perfect for those who like retro decoration.

Do it yourself Christmas gifts

vintage library

Colored bracelets

Get big rings, small rings (of different styles) and cords of several colors. Encircle the big rings with the cords of colors. Then, insert the small rings. Put as many as you want. The more you use, the funnier the look like. It is such a great gift for young ladies.




Personalized Individual TableCloths

You just need different fabrics to create creative and personalized table cloths. Cut and saw the forms of the plate, the cutlery and glass with any fabric you like to create a unique piece!


"Do it yourself" Christams gifts



We hope you have liked our proposals of “Do it yourself ” Christmas gifts. Nothing better than doing them by yourself with care and love, and especially if they are for special people.



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