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Saturday June 13th, 2015
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What’s  Global Wellness Day?


The Global Wellness Day is a social project created in 2012 in Turkey as the “first” day dedicated to living well and, due to its great success, it has been accepted worldwide to be celebrated the second Saturday of June each year. On 2015 is celebrated today,  June 13th in more than 50 countries.


The purpose of the Global Wellness Day is asking ourselves the question: how can I live a healthier and better life? With the slogan “one day can change your life“, this event aims to liberates the stress of everyday life and bad habits and create awareness of living well and increase motivation for the remaining 364 days of the year.



Health trends


From SHA Wellness Clinic we want to contribute to the awareness and improve the welfare of people through innovation and finding new wellness trends. Because we don’t understand health simply as the absence of disease, but as a state of complete physical and mental wellbeing, vitality and ideal weight.


Here we present the most important novelties in health for 2015:


  • Depression –  According to the OMS (World Health Organization) it has become the most common disease today due to factors such as stress, lack of sleep and obesity.
  • Environmental awareness – The so-called “forestmindfulness” or what is the same, walking outdoors, has become one of the strongest trends because the contact with nature reduces levels of stress and anxiety . SHA already includes the Nordic walking in its programmes’ activities with the purpose of relaxing and enjoying the silence of the dawn.
  • Wellness Programs – Senior executives are among the groups that suffer higher levels of stress and demand, with constant flights for short stays. Therefore SHA is pioneering in the 7 days Anti-stress treatment that includes healthy food, natural remedies and exercises to maintain the health and energy necessary to develop the true potential. In addition, aware of this demand SHA has created Esenzaby SHA, two healthy spaces at the T4s and T4 Barajas Airport in Madrid with a wide range of beauty treatments and healthy eating.
  • Individualism – Nowadays more and more people live alone which generated  a higher level of demand for exclusive services of fitness, nutrition and cosmetics. Hormonal disorders, food allergies, skin peeling, irritable colon or possible diseases such as diabetes or intolerances are common today. With the idea of preventing before treating, SHA is pioneering in detecting such disorders often caused by the fast pace of life by the fully personalized medical check integrated by advanced techniques and oriental remedies. Through treatments such as colon hydrotherapy,  one of the most demanded treatments in SHA, the new capillary unit and cognitive unit, it’s possible to recover the patient’s health.

We hope you have become aware of the importance of living a healthy life and say  YES to the Global Wellness Day!




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